PLEASE PLEASE DON'T fall for the Binary Options Scams!

Anything that says “invest xx an we will return a guaranteed xxx” is an absolute scam!!
Especially the ones that say Not A Scam!!

Please no one fall for these and give any one your money or bank details!

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Thanks for sharing this!

Always remember to not fall for deals with no risks. Check reviews and do your own research first. :wink:

There is ALWAYS risk in trading and nothing is ever GUARANTEED!
Total scam is either of these things are ignored by something.

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I couldn’t agree more.

Even the British regulator FCA recently issued a report about the scams binary options brokers pull. They often promote themselves online and via social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They promise high returns and use images of luxurious items like expensive watches and cars and yachts to lure the people to put money in the scam.

After that, they usually distort prices on their website or refuse to return the clients’ funds using all sorts of excuses and citing impossible withdrawal conditions or simply shut down the client’s account and disappear with the money.

Hi @Iloveforex1981, I completely agree with you. Just out of curiosity, did you have any negative experience yourself which led you to share these thoughts or it’s just a general observation?

oohhh it’s very true, they are a complete scam.
I am new to all this and my story with this is terrible, a friend and I said that we wanted to invest in something, we investigated a little and I confess that not in depth, but we thought it was a good option, when we had already decided to talk to another friend and I told her that I wanted to invest in binary options and my friend has been working in this market for a long time, (not with binary options) she works with LvmExchange, and she assured me that it was false and that they were going to steal my money, my friend was He let himself believe in everything the “experts in binary options investments” told him and sadly he lost a lot of money.

I almost fell for this one time myself. Year’s ago and when the person did not get money fast enough I was getting messages like Need Money NOW !

I was like you don’t talk/message somebody like that. Need Money NOW!
That’s Rude and you must be a Scam go AWAY NOW ! and I mean NOW !

When I see these Ad’s on Facebook so and so Has been a real blessing
and has turned $500 into $2500 in 1 week.

I am like WoW I noticed your Facebook only goes back 3 Days and you have No Friends , No Pictures , No History.

Never get a response :slight_smile:

My Proof Profit Strategy

Binary is awful.

You can lose upto 95% of your investments in a short time through binary options. It’s all false and you will always end up losing your money. Be aware of such scams and never invest your money until and unless you’re sure that it’s legit and reliable.

Right! That’s a sure giveaway. Anybody who has to declare they are not a scammer, usually are.

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Binary options is a totally scam, they dont return you money back if you win.

An excellent piece of advice for newbies. Research is the keyword when it comes to trading.

yeah once in my life Ive been fall for this scam… the scammer said he will give me profit 40%/week, the fund they play in binary option

In general, I was always surprised how people believe in such tricks, if this is not the first time, and a lot has already been written about it.

Well, there so kind of misconception among traders that binaries are pure scam, nevertheless it’s not like that. It’s considered to be a scam only because it’s much easier to lose money while trading on binaries. I believe that if traders would be more attentive to binaries, when they’re going to choose this tradding style, then there would be no huge losses. Risks are high and no doubts that it’s the main trigger for traders to claim that binaries are pure scam after losing all the money. However, due to a right approach to binaries, traders also can generate good profits. Everything is similar to other trading styles. Skills and knowledge are friends of a tradder, who have decided to try binary options.