Please share free EAs

If you have any good EAs, please share them. Or, I would appreciate it if you could share a link to download free EAs.

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Free EAs are not free-you will lose all your money using them.


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And maybe compromise your computer’s security, too.

Computer magazines and websites have often commented that the proportion of them that include some kind of malware, just when you trust the source and least expect it, is terribly high.

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why someone should do it?


There are many delusional people (OP) in this forum.

remember that there is no shortcuts to success and if someday someone showed you one, do not go down that way, baaaaaaaaaadddd things will be awaiting.

A simple Google search will throw up many free EA’s and there are many people online who will create one for you for a price. As to how effective they are is left to be determined. But if by chance I did possess a profitable Expert Advisor why would I want to share it with a lazy person I dont even know? lol.

There are shortcuts to success; for instance, if you want to run a food business, you can opt to buy a franchising license.

Unfortunately, shortcuts cost money and plenty of money.

So once again, in the context of “free EAs”, this entire endeavor is stupid beyond reason if you are seeking free EAs to help you.