Please suggest best EA for forex

Hello, I’m looking for best Expert adviser for tradings. Can anyone please suggest low price good EA?
Thank you very much!

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I trade with the New Hope advisor,
I recommend using the system for electronic trading New Hope

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Low price and good is rare…Broker Breakers are decent though


I support. I also use New Hope EA. I have been working with them for a long time. The robot paid off in the first month

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Bear Vs Bull EA


Where can we find this? What are your results?

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have you used this? What were your results?

Look up in MQL5

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my fx book results?

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results for this week


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Hello Everyone

Is anyone aware of an EA that will close all trades when a profit is reached, them immediately renter into the same Trades again?

Thank you

I know a few…what type of trading are you into?

I have had a rather successful time running the breakout strategy on GBPUSD. Here is today’s trade. Let me know if you want details of my strategy.

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Have you try EA Supermac. Try googling it. The owner give ea for free just by open account under his IB. Or maybe can rent it

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Expert Advisor can be used as function. But not as a trading Automation.
100% fail over time. Do not go that path. They do not work. Period!

One I can recommend for placing orders is “Trader On Chart”
by Rimantas.

Trade safe. Use your best EA -> YOU!


How is it going now? 1 year later

Yeah! :smiley: Sorry for *Year. Can you create an EA ?

Nope. I use some but don’t create any