Please tell me if you like this forex game

I wrote this little ditty because I couldn’t find it elsewhere.

It’s not sophisticated and has very basic features, but I think it’s a blast.

It’s at

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Nice one :slight_smile:

Yeah!, I do like it. The best part: i can get lazy without being afraid of receiving some reprimand.

Nice! And yeah, basic but still looks good…

you need to be able to get margin called, i just spammed the buy button and lost loads of cash, but the game kept going,
so i spammed it some more. til i had 1000000 units on the table and 15k profits,
then it broke

Kinda reminds me of the most basic mobile games we get on our iphones…you know the kind that goes “whoop, whoop” each time you win something…

great. did you build this from scratch?

I have seen one exactly like it a few years back, i believe.