Pls I Need Serious Assistance On How To Trade Forex

Pls i will like a good spirited person to send me a comprehensive details on how to trade forex,how to aquire a master card in nigeria to enable start,how to know when am to gain and when am to loss./and lots of other info concerning the trade in forex.

allthe information you need to get started trading forex is in this website under the school tab and in these forums. as for a credit card in nigeria i have no clue, although if you cant get one i think you can still mail a check or maybe even a check by phone to most brokers.


I don’t usually answer people who write everything in caps lock, or talks about nigeria and credit cards in the same sentence, (Have had a lot of mails from scammers from Nigeria) but I’ll make an exception for you. :slight_smile:

I would recommend that you read everything you can get your hands on, and believe around half of it. Once you know how the system works, you can start making you own strategies on how to exploit different situations in the market.

Good luck.

Go to How You Make Money in Forex | How Do You Trade Forex? | Learn Forex Trading you will find the answers of your questions…