you should allow more than just 50 messages. That fills up too quick

are you getting spam PMs lately?

Hey there TalonD!

Why do you recommend that? We’d like to know why you came up with this suggestion so we can figure out the best solution. :slight_smile:

well the reason is that 50 isn’t very many if you get into a PM conversation with someone. Your 50 limit can fill up pretty quick, then you have to figure out which messages you want to delete. Considering that storage space is not the expensive premium it once was I don’t see why the limit has to be so low.
I remember back in the 90s I thought 10meg of storage was huge but now it’s nothing to have a terabyte.
Maybe you incur some overhead besides storage space that I’m not aware of. I’m not a webmaster after all.

Czar, no spams in my PM inbox thankfully :slight_smile:

You have conversations that last for 50 PM’s and up??? I don’t KNOW 50 PEOPLE!!! LOL!!!



The best solution is just to delete the old posts.

It pays to keep up to date!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a pack rat, never get rid of anything… Not as bad as those people on that TV show hoarders though! :smiley:

Ok, I just deleted a few, now I’m down to 25 stored out of 50 allowed. hey, sent items shouldn’t count towards your total.

Here at work on our email server everyone is allowed 50meg of storage. In my case that amounts to something on the order of about 400 emails. Including the ones with big Excel and Word attachments. I’m just spoiled I suppose.

I’m with TalonD on this…my PM box is always sitting at 96-98% full and I hate to have to choose which ones to delete. At our workplace, our email inbox, sent items & (marked for) deleted items do count towards space used, but if we create special (organizational) folders to store specific messages in, they don’t count. Some messages contain links, or good advise etc that are just as timely now as when first received.


You can always have a free email acc. with googlemail. They allow lots of gigs. Then ask your frequent recipients to talk with them via gmail. That keeps your box here small plus has the advantage that you can talk to them via your email client and not first to log in to bp.

Just my 2 pips.

well this is supposed to be a forum not an email service, still I’d like to have more room in the inbox. Like SweetP said there’s some things you don’t want to get rid of. I suppose I could exert a little effort and save things like that off in a word document.


Well I’m real pleased somebody ELSE said it!!! LOL!!!

well this is supposed to be a forum not an email service

Sorry: only ‘pulling your chain’!!! LOL!!!



Hey guys!

Good to hear from everyone!

I’m happy to share with you that we are currently looking at increasing PM capacity in the next coming days. This will only apply to FX-Men Honorary Members and Superior Master Contributors though. :slight_smile:

Will keep you updated with more details soon!

you can’t be everything for everyone… unless you have mega bucks like google or a johnny come lately wannabe like Microsoft (bing) :smiley:

only for the elite! :smiley:

Alright guys!

The additional message capacity for PMs is now up and running!

If you’re an FX-Men Honorary Member, you should now be allowed to have 200 messages and if you’re a Superior Master Contributor, 100 messages.

How to check?

Just go to your Private Messages (underneath “Welcome, username” top right of your screen) and you should be able to see that under Folder Controls. It’s that colorful bar chart which tells you how many more messages you’re allowed to have.

“You have 1 messages stored, of a total 10 allowed.” for instance.

I know you probably know where to find that but I just wanted to put that in just in case you haven’t really touched the PM function. :slight_smile:

I hope this improvement works for you guys. :slight_smile:

woohoo! very nice. Thank you, I like that.

Hey BP…YOU ROCK!..:D…Thank you!

Here’s what it SHOULD look like at any given time!!! LOL!!!

Yeh, alright: I’m just ‘pulling your collective chains’ because I’m a tad bored this morning (can you tell)???



I vaguely remember mine looking like that once… :smiley: