Podcast - (Whats in your ear(s))

Hi guys! I’ve been on a podcast binge, and I’m always interested to here what others are listening to. I’m listing to these are the moment: 1) The Suicide Boys, 2) Front-End Happy Hour, 3) The Masonic Round table, 4) Mean Boys, 5) The Daily Zeitgeist.

I’m into business, tech, news and random podcasts. Many will be NPR related. Might not be your cup of tea. In no particular order:

  • Wait wait don’t tell me! (good for many laughs)
  • Freakonomics Radio (great guests on the show)
  • Make Me Smart
  • Planet Money (NPR, explains the economy)
  • Fresh AIR
  • TED Radio Hour
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • This Week in Tech TWIT (NPR news, games, weekly news discussion)
  • Marketplace
  • Vox’s The Weeds
  • Security Now

Whew, long list. Always something good to listen to.

And I’ve been meaning to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience (UFC commentary host), but haven’t had a chance.

Mean Boys and The Daily Zeitgeist look interesting. Thanks!