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Thanks for the welcome back, here is a tax question? I had to pay sales tax in Ga to register my FL bought vehicle. If I do move back to FL, will FL want me to pay sales tax again?

Washington is not the only one with screwed up tax laws

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Florida’s vehicle tax is not based on value. It’s a flat fee. Think it’s up to $75ish?


$75 bucks, Wow… That’s cheap!! Downunder vehicle tax (Registration) is $800…

I own two cars and a motorcycle, so I don’t see any change from $2500… Plus Insurance and maintenance…

Our overall minimum wage might be superior to Uncle Sam’s, but our tax system gives with one hand and gut punches you with the other…

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Dayum! I know CA, when I lived there in the 80’s, had vehicle registration fees based on value of car.

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So you look at this graph in green and don’t see declining growth from the left to the right? I don’t know what else to say other than get your eyes checked.

Yea, huge growth changes since 2020, can’t disagree there.

I don’t get what point you’re trying to make or think I’m trying to make.

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I think this happened in 2020 or 2021 due to the Census in 2020. They lost a seat for the first time.

I think most states can look at least births, deaths, and other metrics like school enrollment and drivers license data.

Not sure how migration is measured, but that must factor in somewhere.


Here is another way to look at sales tax. When I moved to Florida many years ago, Sales tax was 4%

If you bought something for a dollar you paid 4 cents in tax.

Now fast forward to today and that dollar item because of inflation now costs 10 bucks, for a 10 times increase, but the tax on that $10 item is now 7.5% or 75 cents. That is a 19 times increase.

Is there any wonder the middle class is dying in America as governments, local, State, and National expand

Yes less government is a step in the right direction

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When a state has no income taxes and needs to generate revenue, does less government equal less sale tax?

Hey @SmallPaul Part of the Bill Maher Interview with the woke Leftist’s Anti-Christ Russell Brand…

Russell subtle rant was right on point… Leaving both MSMBC and FOX Networks nowhere to hide…

A few in this thread struggle with the facts and will have a hard time understanding the reality of what Russell is pointing out… Make MSNBC great again… Ouch!!

Ahhh… The usual get out of the debate free card is being played… “I’ll pretend I don’t understand the facts he’s presented… So I’ll side step my position quickly before I look like a Goose…”

California under Newsome is dying and the sane citizens are fleeing…

Simple enough for ya…


good, so what’s the problem?


The experience of being called out by your own peers

GOP Group Puts Tucker Carlson’s Putin Love Affair On Full Display In New Video

A conservative group has highlighted Tucker Carlson’s affinity for spreading Russian propaganda in a new video.

The Fox News host has made a habit of leaning into Kremlin talking points and conspiracy theories since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Days before the war began, Carlson infamously defended Putin and said that Ukraine was “not a democracy.” Carlson’s mimicry has been so on point that on multiple occasions excerpts from his broadcasts have ended up on Russian state-sponsored TV.

The Republican Accountability Project put Carlson on blast in a new video, showing 96 seconds of the Fox News host “parroting Putin”:


Tucker Carlson’s Ex-Producer Called Election Deniers ‘Terrorists… Cousin F**king Types’

In a lawsuit against Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems, internal texts show network talent expressed frustration with Trump’s lies but still gave them airtime.

A former producer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson made his contempt clear for the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” audience after he referred to those who falsely believed the 2020 presidential election was stolen as “terrorists” and incestuous.

“Like negotiating with terrorists,” former producer Alex Pfeiffer said in a text, “but especially dumb ones. Cousin fking types, not saudi [sic] royalty." **




Government both state and national operated just fine before imposing income taxes

Here is a little history of the US income tax, like so many taxes it was sold as a tax the rich tax, a tax that 90% of Americans would never be required to pay.


Dumping on Florida a little more, for a state with a large tourist industry and a huge portion of the population receiving Social Security checks, there is no reason to ever have a state income tax, nor is there any reason for the sales tax to not still be 4%

Thank God it is Friday

Russell Brand is the Man, If he was American there would be those wanting him to run for office ( scarry!) but that just shows the contentment voters have for those currently in office


Who remembers this political comedy staring Chris Rock. It is insane how close America is to making this fictional movie a reality, after all we just elected a reality show host, followed by someone with advance alzheimer’s

Thank God it is Friday

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Ah yes, I’m ignoring facts. You’re ignoring numbers and charts, that you posted, but keep going on.

Ah yes, I’m ignoring that CA is dying… the 5th largest economy in the world, on pace to overtake Germany in 4th place, is dying because… hold it, as you said, the left’s policies of the last 4 years, leading to… a 1% population decrease. Death is imminent.

Got it.

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We hear this about California every 10 years, it’s like playing the same lottery number every day hoping to win one day

For 30 years, they’ve been singing that song with the same beat and different voices

Instead of criticizing the left, why don’t they show all of the amazing things they are doing?

Not just any ol’ Friday :slight_smile:

Edit: - a little hint is the plant in the middle


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And just in case you guys missed it - from a man, thank God, not suffering from alzheimer’s disease


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Yeah right, like I’m the one ignoring the numbers and charts… :joy: :joy:

That outward flow of people fleeing the Golden State is turning into a flood. The state’s population dropped by more than 500,000 people between July 2020 and July 2022. Outmigration to other states fuelled the decline: Almost 900,000 more people have moved to other states from California in the past three years than have moved in…

@dudebro Please, point out another US State where a mass exodus has occurred??

You follow in the deluded footsteps of your TDS (Tucker & Trump) afflicted mate @SmallPaul, you cannot handle the fact that California’s population is in decline and the destruction that social decay has caused by extreme woke leftist Newsome polices…

California is in decline. And it’s likely to get even worse…

Even the Left Leaning media outlet the Washington Post concedes the days of California Dreamin are being resigned to history by the current Governor’s ludicrous polices…

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But those are your leaders, right? You promote them this way, and they are always in the news saying stupid things

Why not poke fun at your leaders, that’s what you do when you talk about the left