Poll: What is your trading time frame(s)?

Hello all,

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This one is about time frames.

I trade off daily charts. But sometimes I’m in and out in a single day. Generally I’m in a couple days, though I can hold on to something for weeks at times too. It always varies.

I trade off of the 5m. Average holding time (based on 82 trades) is 53.2 minutes.

I trade off the 1 minute chart, with often looks at 5, 15, and 1H to make my entry decision.

Usually in and out in a matter of minutes;)

Call me Geronimo:p

Ah yes, the breakout master :smiley:

My trades usualy last atleast 2 weeks, if not 2 months. Its like watching paint dry…

Paint dries faster. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see your point. Now that I think of it, my trading is more like watching the polar ice caps melt.

My trades usually last a few hours, very rarely my trades will go over a day.

Well, based on the 1M chart, as long as Heikin Ashi does not flip color, RSI does not indicate overbought/sold and so on.

Since I am still a beginner, i am going with long term trades.
1 hour charts and above

My trade mainly last for hours not for whole day.

I used to trade for few hours daily, some time it will continue extra time.

Mostly daily charts I might occasionally zoom into 4H chart for entry points or for more PA confirmation if daily chart is still a bit uncertain for that matter.

I scalp trade on a 70 tick chart.

All of them.