Position difference between different time frames

Will the position process and outcome differ if done on different time frames?
Like if the trend is upwards on daily time frame and downwards on 1 hr frame, will the outcome of the same position differ between the 2time frames?

I’m not quite sure how to answer this, but say you are looking at the 30m chart, 8 of those candles represents 1 4hr candle, the prices are exactly the same it’s just visually different. People tend to use shorter timeframes for more precise entries.

its not very clear what youre asking however you always bow to the higher timeframe so if its bullish on the daily i would wait for the 1h to come in line otherwise its technically a counter trend move

It seems better to ask the question this way. When u find the higher time frame for example upward, I have to wait for a position with an upward signal to enter the trade?and the other question is that when we switch to higher time frame, I have to zoom out to find the major trend or dont have to zoom out? It is very important for me to know the answer because sometimes when I switch to higher time frame, I found for instance a minor downtrend however the major trend is upward. In such a situation, what is the position that I have to look for in lower time frame? Long or short?

Still quite confusing… sorry

My advice would be to find a strategy you are comfortable with, the time frame matters when deciding how long you want to have your positions open for. In my opinion scalpers use the minutes, day traders use the hours and swing traders and above use the 4hr and beyond. There is not a right or wrong answer, but the information you want can only come from your own experience. Trade how you feel comfortable and in a way you can consistently profit.

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Hi Kian. What is your idea about multiple timeframe strategy that I asked above. I will be appreciate if u reply it.

I have a “multiple timeframe” strategy… actually I really am confused myself, you have put my mind in a twist…

Understand this first, then read my reply again. I can’t aid you without knowing your so called “multiple timeframe” strategy. I don’t want to come across as rude but you really have to find the answer to this via trading.

I talk here about my own strategy where I now use the daily chart and 4hr chart

Hope this image helps you

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