Position Size of XAU / USD

Hi all !

I am getting my head around calculating XAU / USD position size but couldn’t find the right answer.

If my account size is $2,000, amount risk % is 7.5% and stop loss is 30 pips, what would be the position size of XAU/USD pair ?

Different sites are giving different formulae :(, so I am confused. Babypips calculator is giving 50,000 units.

Another follow up question is how can I buy 50,000 units of XAU/USD when current rate is 1725.00 (assumed) and my account balance is only $2,000 and risk % is 7.5% ?

Another follow up question is how the use leverage would affect the position size ? Will a trader be able to buy more units if leverage is used ?

I would appreciate your kind help in this matter.

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And it is my opinion…:wink: Large picture…
Try to make calculations in Excel…