Position sizing and partial booking


I have a query regarding the parital booking of profit and trailing the remaining. i want to understand how to use MT4 for the same

For example -1 standard lot =10,0000

I placed a pending order 1 lot @ 1.3046 and it got executed with Stop loss of 1.3034
my position went positive and reached 1.3060 and i here i want to book half qty-50000 and let the other half run forward.
but while placing Pending execution, i need to fill sl and profit both or otherwise i have to modify later i bought at market for same,

so my query is how to place parital booking @1.3060 and let the other half move with trailing ,i used tradingview previously where it was easy to book but not understanding how to do it in MT4.

Click on the current open order and change the Volume to half of what you currently have and select to close that trades.

That way you will close half of your currently open order.

Thanks for the Reply,

I want to ask is it possible to place sell order of half qty @particular point and once it executed ,we can reduce the size of our stop loss position to remaining??