Positive news in the battle against the Wuhan Bat-Soup Virus

This could be the news we’ve been waiting for —

Quote –

“It would mean we could go to work and not worry,” he [Dr. Peter H. Hibberd, M.D., of Palm Beach County, Florida] said of the prospect of having an effective therapeutic medication. “You catch it, we treat you and we move on as a country.”


I really doubt that it was bat soup thing.

Wow, eight posts — all one-liners — in just 14 minutes.

You’re a real keyboard warrior.

My concern with “astounding” results coming from an existing / FDA approved medication is that it is possibly already being produced under licence inside China. So, any announcements of successful US Trials will have the CCP “obtaining” the Pharma’s IP to counterfeit, produce and distribute their own version of the drug.

Like they do with virtually every other product manufactured within the PRC…