Possibility for EA advice needed

I was wondering if it is possible to set
an EA that would only take 20 pips per
day in two trades so 10 pips per trade.
And each time tp is reached the lot size
would double. So Mondays trades would
be 1-2 Tuesday 4-8 Wednesday 16-32
Thursday 64-128 Friday 256-512 then it
would revert the following week back to
Mondays trade as above so that would be
100 pips per week is an EA like this already
out there or is it possible

What you are trying to achieve is possible. The EA idea is simple but it greatly depends on your trading strategy.

Under which condition will you enter a buy or sell trade? The next trade will be in the same direction? What will your stoploss be? What if you hit your stoploss? Etcetera.

i was looking at the three little pigs strategy with a ema set at 50 waiting for the candle to cross the ema then take the trade on the second candle i’m not overly sure about sl possibly 5 pip sl and when a stop loss occurs the system need to start over from 1 lot

If you want 2 trades per day, not more and not less, then MA crossover sounds inappropriate for me. It depends on the timeframe, but crossovers happen here and there, they does not depend on the time as the need for 2 trades per day.

thank you fxDreema I’m still going through different systems to find one that will allow me to get
the 20 pips a day i’m looking for all i want is a simple set up to execute the two 10 pip trades and then i’ll spend a week testing it and then i’ll try it for another couple of weeks and then see if can be implemented in an EA but the idea is there just my lack of knowledge that is holding things back slightly but i’m not going to give up as I can see the potential on this am will gladly take any suggestions from anyone that sees the same as i do

Just one problem bro, you make the presumption that you can make 10 from 10 trades each week every week. This formula is nothing but a recipe for disaster. Think you need to rethink your position. Protecting your account not exposing it to risk. That’s whats it all about