Possible for longtime traders to still blow accounts?

What if you’ve been trading for 5-6 years? Has this happened where traders still end up blowing their accounts?

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I traded an account for nearly 1 year and blew it up ultimately. I regret it never happens.

I don’t think this really has any practical meaning as such if someone has been trading an account for 5-6 years. At that point we can assume they have acquired at least the basics of risk/money management. And we can assume they have already been routinely accumulating and drawing some level of profits during this period. So what is their account? The balance that happens to be in it at the time? Or the total of profits that have been drawn along the way?

I think after 5-6 years, the trader will have already established how much equity they need to trade in their chosen fashion and will ensure they always have at least that basic level of capital in their account.

Naturally, there are good times and bad times, and there will be times when the trader draws profits and there may be times when they need to top up their account.

But their risk/money management parameters should ensure that their account is never exposed to such large risk that the entire capital could disappear in one go.

But we could also say that even beginners should not be in such a rush, or with such small capital, that their risk exposure at any one time threatens their entire account.

As has been said before:

  1. The money you put into your account should be money you can afford to lose
  2. But once that money is actually in your account it is money you cannot afford to lose

Honestly I don’t see how that’s possible. I always follow basic risk management and never blown an account. Now I’ve been trading for 3 years and it’s still mind blowing how people are able to blow an account? Like what risk management/strategy do you follow? I can only imagine martingale strategies doing this…

Curious to see what people post.


100% somtimes SH#*$$#T happens very fast esp during RED news like CPI and FOMC etc.

Yes, experienced traders can still blow their accounts due to factors like emotional decisions, and market changes. Continuous learning and strong risk management are key to success.

For sure. But I don’t think that can blow one’s account!

this is what i was thinking.

Yes, it’s possible. After 5-6 years it’s very rare, but possible.
Especially now with the funded accounts which are not your own capital, it’s easier to happen.
If you are getting emotional, revenge trading or not having proper risk management then you are doomed.
And from my point of view, after 5-6 years you didn’t have come to a conclusion what works for you and what doesn’t then you’re not for this job.

There 3 elements of what a profitable trader should look like:

  1. Technical skills - Has a solid understanding how the market works. Able to use technical & fundament analysis to express the market sentiment, then pick a direction.

  2. Money Management - Has a solid understanding of how a trader should protect their capital from a risky environment while able to maximize their profits when the opportunity has come.

  3. Psychology - It’s not about what have you done in your childhood blah blah but rather what traits do you have inside you that made you become a successful trader.

For as long as you don’t acquire all of these, I believe that you will indefinitely blowing up an account. Doesn’t matter you trade 5 years or 100 years. The answer would still be the same.

Yes it’s possible. And in a situation like that, consider it intentional because he’s already aware of the risk involved and what needed to be done to manage them.

A different perspective to your question is to ask, "Can businesses collapse after 5-6 years of operation?"

We are all in agreement in the answer to that question.

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Yes it is very possible to still blow accounts as a long time trader but usually that happens because of misjudgement or I deviate from my plan.

Sorry but if you trading with such risk that you can blow your entire account, there’s something wrong there. You should always keep risk management in your mind and follow your trading plan (that should be built in a way that avoids blowing your account). If there’s high impact news incoming just don’t trade, that’s the best way to avoid losses related to news.

Traders that are successful for 5-6 years already developed a good risk management behavior which allows them to understand how much they should risk per trade so that, if they loose, they don’t blow their full capital.

Why would anyone do this

Nothing but Greed.