Post your daily loss/profit

Im curious how everyone doing because Im newbie to forex (about 4 weeks experiences on demo) and i like to share with everyone here with my daily updates of loss/profit.Ill be happy to see yours here too thanks to all of you wholl post here.I think I have created good system so have a look guys.
I have 50k demo 400:1 lev. and I`m trading with 0.5 lot GBP/JPY,USD/CHF which makes appr. 4.15$ per pip.All you see is closed positions in a current day.

24.4.2007 (trading day 1)
+12.66 $ eur/jpy
+109.46 $ gbp/jpy
+193.67 $ gbp/jpy
-29.51 $ gbp/jpy
+59.01 $ gbp/jpy
+33.22 $ usd/chf
+99.67 $ usd/chf
tot. +478.18$

25.4.2007 (trading day 2)
+50.60 $ gbp/jpy
+46.40 $ gbp/jpy
-8.32$ usd/chf
+71.73$ gbp/jpy
+181.44$ gbp/jpy
+12.48 $ usd/chf
+95.71 $ usd/chf
tot. +450.04$

Ill post my updates here eveyday and if you have any question dont hasitate and ask.By the way I`m sorry for my english it is not my mother tongue so take it easy on me.Have a good trade guys and keep it up.:smiley:

it is 500$ for a 0.5 lot with 400:1 leverage and so far i had open 4 positions at the same time in 2 pairs max which is 2000$ used margin.I just have to say that with my system it has to be 400:1 lev.I have try my system with 100:1 lev. but it doesnt work why i can explain i share my system with friend of mine who has trade on demo for long time and he took course of forex as well,he was loosing anyway because the system hed learn on the course just didnt work for him.he kept 10k account for long period with loss of 7k before i show him my system and after that he earned in 3 days 4k with 1lot per pip 400:1 lev. and 3k account and i was still down just because i had 100:1 lev. which ment i couldnt open more positions and i had to wait longer for my profits.I trade before pairs of GBP/USD,EUR/USD,USD/CHF but after what happend with USD i changed the pairs for GBP/JPY which looks the best and i do USD/CHF when it is in good system survived even after -600 pips loss because of the USD 26y old hight level against me and i just wanted to see how far i can now i have learn lesson and i know that even -200 pip open position in loss make my laugh hehe and i can still make nice profit out of it.from monday this week i have set new rules and add some new indicators so i`m gonna post here everyday my updates so you all can see my progress.i started post today so you can see an exemple of my new progress.

Thanks hobbit again good luck with youre 15k account

+129.90$ on gbp/jpy

and it went by 30 pips more but i set some rules and i want to stick far so good but i have missed good trade today which could make me allready profit of maybe +300$ at i have still open one position on USD/CHF so i`ll post how i end up with later today.
have a good trade guys

Looking good, man.

When you going to do an upgrade?

Keep up the good work!

sorry i�m a newbie to forex and i dont exactly know what you mean by upgrade.can you explain. today is not too bad but the problem is with the day(is thursday)so its pretty quiet and i have open several positions and just waiting for some good move and of course ill post it far im -430$ in 5 positions but wait guys what i`ll and up with a nice profit of course system is just bullet proof.


Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. This will raise your Return On Investment. The higher the better, of course. :smiley:

my system is set with minimum of losses ( i never set stop loss) actually non of the loss you see in my daily updates is really is just closed position because i have made enough profit in that trade.i have set simple rules and do my best to keep them and so far so good again.when for first time i have had created my system i had only 2500$ demo account and i started with 1 lot app. 10$ per pip 100:1 lev.and in two weeks i raise my account to 5700$ but i could do better if i had 400:1 lev.a friend of my had raise after he learned my system his 3000$ account with 1 lot of app 10$ per pip in 3 days to 7000$ because of the 400:1 lev. which let him to open more positions in 1 trade instead of my 100:1 lev. which sucked.

LOL, right back at ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

believe me or not i have tested my system the hardest way i ever could after i reach the 5700$ and i opened short position in GBP/USD and after -500 pips i was still alive but it all happend just because i didnt use any indicator and i think no one would expected that GBP/USD could raise by 500 pip and especially with no i went the hardest way i know that -200 to -300 pip is still ok but thanks to i have upgrade my system set new rules change the pair to GBP/JPY ,USD/CHF and now my system is 95% bullet proof hehe.when i try to learn my system the friend of mine(i spend a hole day to do so)and after he got it he was just laughing and couldnt believe.we were just wondering if theres anybody who use such a system and after i spend some time reading forums on i dont think so because most of the systems maybe all of them use stop loss but never ever in my system.thanks for posting here guys and i hope you stay with me for some time thanks again and good the way hobbit how you doing with your 15k account hmm.

one more thing for all of you no matter if youre a newbie or master please post here your daily or weekly loss/profit and i think we can help each other why youve loss or why you`ve made a profit and discuss about it.thanks

thats great when your system is working and dont ever let anybody laugh at you and show them what you got!!!:smiley: i cant wait to see your progress and ill stay with you.what broker do you use?

by the way my new daily update!!!
still down by around -1000$ in 6 positions opened and laughing at:D youll all see how im gonna end up in the daily updates.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

for my system is great MT4 and i use it with RFXT broker who has good spreads GBP/JPY 8 pip spread but i don`t know about this broker a lot.i foud it on web side and i give a try


Share with us your system…i am sure all of us are very keen to know more,:smiley:

come on dont be shy…:stuck_out_tongue:

hello to all of you.yesterday was pretty tough day because it was quiet on the market no big movement an i was over -1000$ down but everything turn back while i was sleeping and here`s my results:

27.4.2007 6 positions closed

       +0.00$ USD/CHF
       -12.56 $GBP/JPY


tot. in this week +1760.91$ (424 pips)

which is i think not too bad:D
that`s it for this week because a try avoid trading on friday and will be back on sunday.of course share with you all with my daily updates.

thanks for interest but wait another week because i want to show you honest proof of how my system works so be patiend and watch my daily updates and what you see is what you`ll get.I�LL PROOF IT SOON thanks for posting and good could post your daily loss/profit too so we can see your progress and help each other.:)keep posting guys

Bullet proof system - step 1.(Cowabunga System)

if you want to know my system and succses then you have to get the basics first.i want you to test and get familiar with part of my system(Cowabunga System) which is not very very important but after you get know and be familiar with this system ill explain why is important for my doesnt matter if youll lose because i have lost with Cowabunga System too.what is important to be focus on is the indicators and i have change them a bit but ill explain next time.your home work for the following trading week is to get familiar with the Cowabunga System indicators (which you find on and thanks to big pippin for posting it) no matter if you lose or make some profit.if anyone of you has any questions please don`t be shy and post it here or even post your daily loss/profit as i do.

thanks and good luck to you all

im just wondering is there anyone whod like to learn my system or am i just wasting my time?:confused:

Give it some time. How long have you been trading your system?

The Big Question, “Are you trading your system live”?

My prayers are with you.

You are blessed.

well i know what you mean and i use my system for about 4 weeks on demo and i know it is very short time but in that short time my system gone through the worst time which was the 26 years old highest maximum of USD and i survived.tell me when is gonna happend something like that again??? the other point is if i can success with real money but im gonna try it soon and ill post it here.the reason why i want to share my system is that i got good idea of how to succeed in forex and may help the others who has problem with and those who has experience with forex may help is free forum and get something for free is just great thing and worth of try at least.what you can lose is just your demo account or not?but if you succeed in than you can just say wooow it didn`t cost me anything only the time i spend with learning.

ill keep posting my daily progress and show the others that my system works and is free to guys just wait i start very soon with real money and than ill proof my system.

thanks pipgod and god with you in trading!!
are you trading with real money and how long for?