Post your strategy, I'll code them free

I know it’s been offered before, but here it is anyway from me:

I’ve professionally done strategy coding for several years. Now I want to start a blog where I will post my analysis of different strategies along with indicators and EAs.

If you want a free EA/indicator, just post your strategy here in full detail, I will not only code it for you, but also provide full analysis on how it performs, and make suggestions on how to improve it.

Hi, is it pisible to code this ?

I want to manually open a trade then if it reaches 150 pips target it automaticaly close, if it turns agains me -50 pips an oposite trade automaticaly opens without closing the first position and close all trades if 2nd trade reaches 100 pip pofit target, if the second trade turns agains me again another position opens against the second trade and so on … i created an excel chart with the exact number of pips when a trade should be closed or open and the number of lots of each open trade should be.

Reason why i want to manualy start the first trade is that i dont like to use any signals, i just study the charts and trade, and almost 80% of the time i am right.

This is a system that want let me lose any of my capital and i come always with a small profit if market turns against me.

What you are describing wouldn’t make you any profit if you use fixed lots, because on your second trade you are actually making a lock on a 50 pips loss. What you can do is calculate the lot size on the second entry so that the 100 pips profit is a little bit greater than the 150 pips loss on the first trade. This is problematic because for every consecutive trade that goes 50 pips against your trades you will have to recalculate lot size to take in consideration all previous transactions. It’s a more complex martingale system that will blow your account if the market ranges in your 50 pip zone. I’ve done an ea with this line of thought and no matter how I adjusted the target profit or the size of the ranging zone it still ended up blowing the account.

How about an institutional strategy like this one:

Momentum Strategies

But instead of equities apply it to Forex?

Thats what i actualy said!! I have everything on an excel sheet with 10 consecutive trades calculated, and i am making money even when market goes against me for the past 6 months !

I actually trade forex not equities

@ Papiswed, Thats what I’m saying. Instead of equities, use it on Forex.

Sorry i understood wrong :slight_smile:

So can what i said be done?

Initiate a trade manually and then open or close trades based on the profit loss from the 1st trade ?

I always set the first and second trade manually and set notification alarms at certain price movements so i can open the consecutive trades,
The reason that i would like an ea is because i work on a vessel and most of the time whene were at sea i dont have internet access ! So i cant receive notifications or manage the trades :blush:

Nice thread! I am searching for EA builder but I can’t find something decent.

Can you code this simple strategy I want to test? This phase one and I will record any results from this then move to my second phase and so on.

M1 Chart
Stop Loss 100 pips
Take Profit 5 pips
Order .05 Mini Lot (I’ll just adjust this depending on my margin ratio)

BUY, when:

  1. Stochastic 5,3,3 is 22 or above
  2. Previous candle (shift 1), Stochastic 5,3,3 is below 22

SELL, when:

  1. Stochastic 5,3,3 is 78 or below
  2. Previous candle (shift 1), Stochastic 5,3,3 is above 78

Close Buy, When,

  1. Stochastic 5,3,3 is 50 or above

Close Sell, when:

  1. Stochastic 5,3,3 is 50 or below

Thank you! I hope you can code this simple strategy. As you can notice, it is actually, a scalping strategy in M1 candles and I find it accurate most of the time though I want to automate it as I don’t have much time sitting in front of the computer and take profit 3-5 pips per minute. The Stop Loss feature is out of question actually so I just set it up in a very high which I believe does not happen all the time as long as this strategy is followed.

Please be reminded that this strategy is very simple yet proven effective if followed strictly and I have 3 more indicators which I want to try automating together with this but I still can’t determine their exact conditions.

Thank you and hope you can code it for me. I can pay you through Skrill if this strategy can make me money more than I expected.


I have a strategy on gbpusd that I would like to automize using EA. This is how it works.

  1. you pull up a 5 min chart of the gbpusd. look for the closing price @ 22.00 UK time. (the bar at 21.55-22.00). This closing price is your central pivot.

  2. now you’ll place two sell limit orders and two buy limit orders. the first sell order is placed 50 pips above the central pivot, the second sell order 75 pips above. Your stop will be 100 pips above the central pivot.

  3. do the same for the buy limit order, but below the central pivot. So your first buy order 50 pips below the pivot, the second 75 pips below, and a stop 100 pips below.

Orders that are not filled, and open positions should be closed at the end of the trading day (21.00 UK time).

Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance.

I was out of station for a couple of weeks. I’m back, going through all the strategies posted on this thread now! Let’s see what we can brew together.


I’ve been in forex 4 months now. I figured out a strategy too, but really need advices to improve it. And of course, I come here in order to be helped by your programming skill.

First thing to say, I got a scalping EA that use “kertner channel” (an indicator that similar with Bollinger bands but different a little bit), it’s strategy kinda like, when the price break out of the band, then set an order. Then trailing stop, and when the price is long enough outside the band, it will come back, and it’s time to set an pending order which is in the opposite direction.

(Ex: When the price breakout the lower band, set sell order. And if this trade won - the price hit trailing stop and still outside the lower band and long enough, set and buy stop order. And vice versa)

But when I demo test that strategy, it was loss.

So I modified the code a bit. I change the code to trade opposite way. For ex, when the price breakout the lower band, trade buy. Yes it was loss too. And then I use the orriginal code and the edited code at the same pair. So that I have a hedging strategy that set buy and sell at the same time. With TP = 1 pip and no SL, I have an EA that is profitable - but ONLY when the market is sideway.

When breakout, the EA become a nightmare. Simple because no SL, the loss go on and on.

Hope you understand. I have no self confident in my strategy and my English as well :smiley:

So what I wanna say is, my strategy has just 1 problem remains: Breakout, and have to close all the lossy orders (if the price go down strongly then close all the buy orders, for ex.)

An idea of mine to do that, is if I set SL of all the orders a bit outside the band, I mean all the buy orders have SLs at the same line - about 1 pip or something. And vice versa.

That is my conclusion about 2 weeks stuck around the strategy. I don’t know coding. So really need your help. If you wanna write code for that, please try with the bollinger bands.

Thank you.


I am new to baby pips and would like to get an ea coded. I have got an bollinger band ea but does not work the way I want to opens in opposite direction ( when it should buy it sells ) .I do not know what details you would require. I would appreciate your help if you could email me Thanks,


I’ve asked for this in a few places and no one has done it for me yet so hopefully you can be my saviour…

All I would like is an indicator for MT4 that will signal a crossover of the 5 EMA and 10 EMA pretty please. I need it to send MT4 on android a push notification from MT4 on my laptop. The chart I need it for is the 15M Chart and that’s with the EURUSD Pair if any of that matters.

I really hope you can do this. Please let me know even if you can’t. Thank you

Peace :64:

Majorero, try this: fxDreema EA Builder (hit .mq4 or .ex4 button to export a file) This is the result: Screenshot by Lightshot

This is the simplest example and I decided to put some arrows to visually print the signals. And there is only one signal per bar. Because I decided to work with the already closed candle (not the current one, but the previous) the arrows are like this - up, down, up, down. Otherwise if we work on the current candle the picture is quite different. The word “crossover” means different things :slight_smile:

To receive notifications you must configure your MetaTrader.

Thank you so much pal. I’m in work right now but I’ll check it out later once I’m at home. I have MT4 set up with my mobile so I receive push notifications when I enter a trade, modify trades and get stopped out with TP & SL. Will this notify me of a cross too?

Turn this system into a EA

Lazy trader!!!

can you or anyone reading this tell me if you can get a ea to determine when a price has formed a level of support or resistance and also if price is in a range on that timeframe. average indicators are lagging and useless It needs to be dynamic.