Posting to improve

Selling us30 at 35404


TP: 35195
SL: 35505

SL hit, = -100p

really glad with my performance, take the trade and walk away.

so far,

Good morning

Today;s trade

short at 35453


TP: 35247
SL: 35562

SL hit and although price went against me for the first minute I followed my rules.

results so far besides qualitative ones…


Do you think this has been helping you? When I was doing mine, definitely helped force me to take a closer look at my trades and why I was taking them!

Thanks for your input.

The purpose of this exercise is to help me execute the strategy without breaking the rules and so far i haven’t. So, yes it is helping me.

If you are questioning my strategy, which is very valid, I need to execute at least 20 trades to have a real picture before making adjustments. Specifically, my first trade went down 60p-up 100p and BE. The second down 70p-up 80p and close at 60p. The third up 70p and then SL. The fourth straight SL. I couldn’t know what to fix.

Today’s trade

us30 buy at 35597


TP: 35799
SL: 35496

SL hit, waiting for next trade.

5 trades so far, 15 or so to go


Welcome to the community, @Takis1000. Good idea on posting your trades. I’ve been meaning to create a trading journal here too.

Oh I didn’t have any thoughts about that, I was more asking re: the process of posting publicly! :slight_smile:

No worries, I wouldn’t mind if you did, just give me 15 more trades. After all we are all trying to improve.

Well, I have a hard time following my rules, this is why I started posting. Even the past few days I missed a few. Yesterday I entered long 15 pips away from my correct entry and got stopped for 5 pips before market reversed and missed 100p profit at the day closing. Today I did not short 9 pips away from my correct entry and just missed TP. Won’t do this mistake again.

Strategies generally work, it’s us that don’t. So far it helped me and things fall into perspective.

new trade short us30 @ 35550


TP: 35346
SL: 35649

there speaks someone who has read Mark Douglas but not Michael Harris :grinning:

the 20 trades you mention above are nowhere near statistically significant (which, dare i mention without offending you, precisely illustrates why you need to stop reading Mark Douglas and start reading Michael Harris, otherwise you will continue mistakenly believing that the problem here is psychological rather than strategic!) … ok, enough from me, sorry again for interfering and i will hold my peace :woozy_face:

Really appreciate your input.

Yes, I read Mark Douglas and he has influenced me. Basically backtesting my Strategy over and over again and with no deviations, it never had a loosing month, roughly 20-25 trades. Even August that is the worst month. So I really have to prove this in forward trading which means the sample is good enough.

Regarding Michael Harris, I have no idea about him but will jump into it right away.

Thanks flamingoproxy

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