Power of PC/laptop vs Mobile phone 📲

This thread is for opinions on “which is better between Mobile phone and PC/laptop”.

For me,I prefer a PC cause it has contributed to the success of most traders.
Going from creating a bigger picture of charts,to helping u analyze charts better…I feel the gab is much between them but some people might think otherwise.

Let’s shoot with the opinions!!!.

Love my desktops, use my mobile for app signals. Both have their uses, which is what it should be.

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My opinion is it dictates those who actually take this seriously and those that are spammy marketers…
The minute I see someone boasting their phone is an ATM or any of that rubbish I die a little bit inside then find a way to block them.

If you want to trade seriously then get a computer, if you want to sell your $30/m multilevel marketing agenda to teenyboppers online then use your phone.

My 2 cents worth :wink:

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This forum is adapted to pander to mobile phones - ergo you cannot find threads you were interested in 8 hours ago !

IMO the whole basis of trading is to have the best info available - and a matchbox sized screen is a waste of time !

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I believe PC is better than mobile, the best pattern is technical analysis and chart analysis is much easier on PC in comparison to mobile.

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