Powerful strategy found

While searching around on the internet I have found a very powerful strategy using just a minimum of 2 indicators. After trying numerous systems I have settled on this one and it is so easy to use. but, like all indicators and strategies, it is not perfect, but it gives clear indications to follow, including when to close trades.
I have tested it and I am content with it. Since this system is so powerful, I am doubtful whether to reveal what it is or where I found it because it will suddenly become too easy for everybody and this will affect the markets.
So I can only give a clue , so that eventually others may find it. One of the two indicators is fairly well known, it is based on the price open close high low calculations, the other indicator i am not sure what it is but it is some sort of histogram which is the filter.

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It’s not that good a strategy and if you give it to people, more will lose money than make money because most people can’t make good strategies work.

You didn’t find the golden goose on a Google search but I hope it works for you. There’s no risk to sharing the name of this system


Here is another clue:
The name of this strategy is a word that means ‘something to do with lawlessness’

That your miracle strategy could affect a trillion dollar FX market made me laugh. But best of luck.

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And you’re the only one to have discovered this sacred strategy on the internet, right?

And since finding this magical strategy, you’ve inadvertently nearly cornered the entire foreign exchange market, and decided to be benevolent and share the strategy with us? Of course, not until you’ve hinted at it with us and teased us with it, right?

If I were you, I’d focus on getting some friends in real life before it’s too late. You need a friend. Not a fish or a dog. You need a live human friend.

What is that powerful strategy?
Please tell me in more detail. I want to have a call with you but it is not allowed here, so please tell me about your strategy. You can DM me here, too.

It seems a few other people have found it because I saw their reviews on that site.

that’s nearly as entertaining as this one, when you were scared to give the details because you thought “all the brokers would go out of business” if you did :laughing: