I have the Holy Grail for both Forex and Binary Options

I have the closest thing to the Holy Grail that works for both Forex and Binary Options. But I can not tell it because it will cause everyone to profit and make all brokers go out of business. But the only clue I can give is that it uses a pair of mostly overlooked and unpopular technical indicators. Those indicators are in the ‘Oscillator’ category. What they are, I’ll leave to you to figure out.
The great thing about this strategy is that the indicators give a clear early signal when the price movement fakes out, leading to minimal loss, or close order before a loss happens. For Binary Options, The indicators predict the next candle with 98% accuracy.
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Not trying to be mean, but what you’re saying sounds too good to be true.

Why would “all brokers go out of business” if you revealed your almost Holy Grail?

Because everyone would be making money too easily, and letting their friends join. People would not want to work and this will hurt the economy, and the brokers would take the blame.
This strategy is not perfectly infallible ,but is remarkably accurate.

In this business, it’s easier for others to take your word for it if you have a running demo or live on myfxbook.

Whether it’s on demo or live, it won’t matter. The experienced will be able to see if you’ve got something exceptional and give acknowledgement.

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Excellent idea. Perhaps I should take the strategy for a spin and thoroughly test it. And present the results, but this will delay the release of my indicator that is based on this strategy…

Nobody is going to pay you a dime unless you can prove it over a period if time. Nice try though.

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Well then. I will happily be making my own money with it, greedily :slight_smile:

Hi can you send me your strategy
Best Regards

If you had a seriously brilliant strategy, you would either

a) publish a series of trades just by showing your account in real time - Then sell “Tips” on what bets to take


b) keep you mouth shut and become a new billionaire using only your own system

Wouldn’t you ?

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how’s this thread going? did you become a billionaire? over a week or two.or you still need to sell this “holy grail” to a few hundred thousand noobs for $9.99 to become a millionaire?


When I started trading a few years back, I also thought I will be billionaire within a month. But it took me time before I could develop some good stuff. Now Im making 3-15% a month and feeling happy (with verified track record ). Initially I wanted it to double everyday but everyone know its only ridiculous if you think to have a holy grail.

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A number of sarcastic comments, I see. Well, normally, i am a kind and caring person. But half a year ago, my phone was stolen in front of me because of my kindness. So if that is how some people want it, i am going to be indifferent, cautious and merciless. I try to be an angel but it seems that thieves want to make it hard on the world. As for the holy grail, I am trying to protect the market because I know of its power to harm the economy once everyone gets a hold of it and starts getting rich from it.

So those of you who are making a steady profit, good, and for those of you who really want the winning formula for your trading, I am really sorry, however, I can give you a few good hints to improve at your game.
First hint, use price action, learn to identify patterns that tell you when to put an entry. If pattern reading is hard for you, like it was for me, use an indicator.
Second hint, stick to a master plan or strategy, and don’t become greedy or stubborn.

I know this has been mentioned on the internet several times but this is a set of clues that will lead to discovering my holy grail. If discovered, you will see that after a particular pattern, the price will predictably move to a direction with 98% accuracy. More than enough for binary options.
Which pattern to look for and what indicator to use is up to you to find out. If you do find it, please be sensible and don’t just give it away and jeopardize the market.
In the end, I still think that high education, high level jobs and owning businesses is the way to go if you want to be rich.

Interesting thread…

My advice…if youve got something to sell that is of value…sell it with some evidence of trades as said above.

Not about being nice…people just cant trust anyone with no evidence.

Post an add in forums that allow you to do so. Babypips doesnt allow it. I 've tried…no luck…they are sharp…I have the infractions and warnings to prove it…lol

Be sure to charge the right amount. Unfortunately people have become used to paying little or nothing for trading information that is mediocre at best that has not given them what they want.

But if you show your quality and prove it is worth it, the cost of your product in the short run is gonna be small compared to what they will get from it down the road.

If you are really running a scam…then forget all I just said and well…many words Icould say to you but I might get another infraction.



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Why Not…? Everyone else does Mql5 Market look for the Most Expensive one

Then Double, Triple your price or just try $1.000.000 first see how it goes.

I’ll Be looking out let me Know what you Name it.! … :alien:

Hi there, I am interested to buy your indicator, please PM for the price. Thanks.

Sorry, false alarm. After months of testing I realize it is not the holy grail, but rather a good strategy that has varying degrees of accuracy. It is simply a modified version of the ’ bladerunner’ strategy using 3 EMAs which the price ‘compresses’ onto, and then rebounds. Combined with the 'two EMA crossover" strategy, it tops on the profits.
So now I’ve given you many clues so you can figure out how to use it.:wink:

How about this?

I still have a few dollar left in my paypal account. I will pay you $1 USD for your strategy. If i manage to make money with it. I will pay you more in the near future?

I’m a holy grail collector. I have tons of holy grail indicator and system in my hard drive. I don’t mind adding one more to my collection. :innocent:

I don’t need your money, since I determined this is not a holy grail, I will give this system for free, in another post

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Hi sprotz good day, Seems like youre a really nice guy can you please share this strategy w me? dont mind other people. Thank you!

This guy is a total idiot and…Like it would matter if a indicator is good people will still loose because of greed if he thinks brokers go broke if he shares the indicator…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…If i had a indi like that i would of course share it but a indicator like that dont exist