Predatory Wall Street algorithms

Hello folks today I want to show some predatory algorithms using by WALL STREET Sharks


Front Running

The broker uses the order information from the customer to buy and sell in his own favor .


Place large orders at multiple prices and mislead other investors’ forecasts.

Strike robbing (Strobing)

Placing an order on the board for a moment misleads other participants’ predictions.

Momentum Ignition

Placing an order in a specific direction misleads other participants’ predictions.

Stop Loss Ignition

Induce price movements by aiming for stop loss orders from other investors.

Push the Elephant

When there is a large order on the board that seems to be willing to buy or sell, induce a large order by updating the best quote with your own order.


Update the best quote on your order and manipulate the price of the dark pool referring to the quote.

The biggest and worst one in my opinion is the systematic widening of spreads for an hour each day to trigger stops from unsuspecting beginners like in this post i replied to yesterday…

This is daylight robbery by the whole industry and its the same even if you have an ECN broker. They tell you its because of low liquidity but its BS. There’s absolutely no reason why the big banks and brokers can’t maintain reasonable spreads in that 1 hour window.

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Very interesting. Does this only happen in the stock market? :open_mouth:

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if u trade on exchange this will not happen also u can avoid stop hunting if u will use local stop and ur broker will not see it it will trigger only after price meet the level thx

not only but mostly yes but u also can benefit from it…

There’s a way we can take advantage of these things they’re doing? I feel like they’re too big for all of us. We’re just pawns. :sob:

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of coz we can dont trust anyone who says we cant :upside_down_face:

Dont be sad war is not over)))


  • Know your limits.
  • You must understand risk management.
  • Identify appropriate instruments to trade.
  • Keep your trading strategy simple.
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I’m trading only bitcoin at the moment. Don’t think this applies to crypto currencies.

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I will call u Btcman :rofl:

Insider trading is the worst of all.

:wink: Insiders make lots of money!