Preparation before I start trading

  1. Like riding a bicycle (a. to g.) below and Forex need a plan also (i. to ii.).:33:

a. The path is it suit able for riding on?
i. What is the pairs I am going to use?
b. What is the traffic like?
i. How is the volatility and trend like?
c. What is the weather like?
i. What does the news say today about the pairs?
d. Do I have ever thing I will need?
i. If any what indicators do I need?
e. Am I dress right for the travel plan?
i. Will I be undisturbed and for how long?
ii. Is my office ready to work in unstressed?
f. Does anyone know where I am going just in case something happens?
i. Are all my risk management in place for this pair?
ii. What are my moods like before I start?
g. Ready to ride Wait do I have my water, pump, ID, cell phone or anything else?
i. Do I have my trading system out, water, and coffee, something to eat?
ii. Why not a check list and ideal condition list and a clock?

  1. Looks like I am ready to ride the charts now.
    a. Did I forget something?

A Gun?? *shruggs

Looks good to me Bud, Print that out and check them off each day.

Best of pips to you!!