Preparing yourself to move from Part to Full time

I was wondering how far out all you full time traders started making plans?

To the part timers planning to go full, have you started working out your road map?

My own personal journey involves more than just FX trading, although based on recent performance I do believe it will play a larger part than I once thought.

My own position is that I work away from home (Offshore) so I intend to over time create a routine at home, daily shedule, this i will be able to seamlessly move into when I go full time so I do not really notice a changed impact other than my routine doesn’t get disturbed by having to go offshore any more.

I see my routine being, 7am up for RNS on UK shares.
Breakfast while watching for anything interest on UK market open.

9am kids to school then up to 1 1/2 hours exercise. Swimming, golf, walk or run.

10:30 to 12:30 Trading/Admin. Back testing new theories, bookkeeping, possible little bit of scalping.

12:30 to 21:00 leasure/home time.

21:00 to 22:00 daily Forex Trades - Last hour of Daily Candle NY Close.

22:00 Friday to 07:00 Monday absolute time off, family time etc. NO SHARES or research.

As it stands I have started building this routine on my home time, my time on the rig is much more wrapped around the employers timings. I make sure I am available at 21:00 to trade though.

I don’t see me being ready for 18/24 months. That is that I’ll have a large enough pot and enough money set aside to cover my bills for 24 months or so ontop.

Obviously if things beat my (hopefully conservative) expectations the timeline may be pulled up a little.

So shoot away, you part times with plans, and full times. How did/do you see your transition going/went and was it a huge lifestyle change? Did you stuggle with the change or seamlessly fall into it?

Good/bad experiences welcome.

Im part time at the moment but hope to be nearing full time by the end of the year. Want to have a year’s salary as my buffer before i do


Good to see that you’re not jumping right away as a full timer. Its actually important to do it part time before going full time.

Very good. I also do it part-time but I will stay in the market full-time thinking to maintain consistency.

I made almost as much last year as my job and really considered it. But I really like the mental break and routine of the work and helping people.

If I get to the point that I make $100k+ a year trading then I will probably do it full time.

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I’m part time, it’ll be a long time until I could ever think to go full time and I’m not sure if that’s for me just yet, but like you this could change for me too. I’m at home at the moment, but I have other things going on - I have an online shop and kids. I’m just working as hard as I can, and seeing where it takes me.

I will be full time one day but this is amazing to keep a journal and get people moving slowly through each stage

Started off as a scalper so 2-3 hrs a day was good enough for me in the beginning. But now I think I’m ready to spend more hours since it’s reaping me good money.

Sounds like a good plan mate.