Price action and trading system

Hi guys, firstly I want to thank all that has been contributing and giving advises to my question. I had a trading system of moving averages cross over before that I copied but over time…it uses three indicators MACD RSI and stochastic. But now I realize am comfortable trading with price action, fib, trend lines, candlestick patterns and the likes. But I dont know how to have a preside trading system combining all this to ensure discipline and less emotional trading.

Hi, what do you expect from community?

Sorry…what do u mean

Are you looking for someone who will guide you through the learning process step by step?

In fact, everyone chooses what suits them best… And this is perfectly normal…

I like the progress you are making. You are reliably identifying trends from price action and trend limits from trend-lines, and you have abandoned the random signals given by MA cross-overs.

I like that you have dropped the three off-chart indicators, but how are you using Fibonacci?

Use higher timeframes like 1H, 1D because it takes time to create and elaborate trading setup in price action. Also increase lot size and make trades less frequently and pay attention to the risk management - always know in advance how many pips you target from a trade, what will be profit and stop loss in absolute terms.

We need to understand and use such kind of Time frames in doing our trades that are easy for us to folllow like the M15 and the H1

It is important to find out what works for you. You cannot keep risking and losing your money just anywhere.