Price action on screen from Broker

1st post on the forum. Hi! A couple of little questions bugging me like having a little rock in my shoe.

I understand that many brokers are trading against their clients and have a natural conflict of interest.

2 questions

As one becomes more and more successful, at what point does one become a target or maybe I should say nuisance? I mean, let’s say I’m doing pretty well, going, for example, from $100/day to $500/day, $1000/day, etc. Is it not in the broker’s interest to eventually discourage me somehow?
Which leads to my 2nd question:
Do all of a brokers’ clients see the same screen every other client sees or is there a way for them to go more 1 on 1 with certain clients, as in manipulating pricing, even to a small degree, that perhaps would affect only their targeted client(s).
Thanks for any feedback. Baby Pips rocks.

I trade with OANDA, by the way, and have no complaints so far.

It seems to me like you have run into some bad advice or information. Losing traders continue to spread the nonsense about brokers trading against clients. Perhaps some brokers do, but I stick to the big ones and never noticed anything like that. They earn my spread which is easy money for them if they continue to provide the service I need. Some of the smaller, less reputable brokers might engage in this activity, but I wouldn’t know that first hand. In a well run shop, the winners are making money from the losers and the broker collects the spread. That is not a whole different than a legitimate poker casino where the house collects the take and lets the winners beat the losers.

I have heard of several reputable brokers who identify scalpers and will game them with requotes and slippage to discourage their style of trading, but I have also heard of several brokers who will accept this kind of business. Sorry but at the moment, I can’t recall specifically which is which since I seldom scalp. As far as the size of the account, the broker wins if your account grows because that probably means you are trading larger size lots. Don’t worry about becoming too big for your broker, there are alternatives for that.