Price action stratgeys here on babypips?

Hi all,

I trade the advance 3 ducks strategy right now and I love it, its great. But I’d like to learn more about price action too, are there forums here that are highly reccomened to learn from? I believe 3 ducks will be with me until the end of my days, but why not have a 3rd system under my belt too? :wink: ( I trade 3 ducks and have another system i trade, but prefer the 3 ducks)

As always guys and girls,
Happy trading! :41:


There is a little box up the top right corner. Its called the search box. Give it a try bro.

Technical templates
Forex price action
Chris capre et al.

There r a few but I think only 1 is really active. But it cant hurt going over the ones that r not active, u might pick up info from there also.


If you like the 3-ducks I think you’ll also appreciate the tech templates threads, :wink: it’s good stuff!

Make you wonder that if someone did not give that a try…just saying :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply’s guys, I appreciate it!