Price Action trader, what is your broker and why?

Ok, let´s assume I know powerbars, pinbars, inside bars, heads and shoulders, r/s levels, etc etc.

BUT: I don’t know what broker would be perfect for me? So tell me what is your choice as a price action broker?

The one I am currently using (Lynx broker, based on IB) is relative heavy. There are hundreds of possibilities what to trade, but I really dislike desktop trading system they provide, it is rather heavy to use if you wanna just see charts.

So, tell me the broker you are using and reason why (as a price action trader).

My demands on my behalf are rather simple:

  1. Easy to use, like MT5
  2. Many, and mean really many charts (instruments) to trade.
  3. (Reliable naturally…)

I use multiple brokers at a time for the benefits that each one of them offers. In my 2 years of forex trading career, I have realized that each broker is good in one or the other thing. You just have to find the one that works for you.