Price Action Trading Books

Hey all,
My name’s Sammy, I’m from montreal canada and i’m interested in learning forex. I find price action trading rather interesting and was just wondering what books or methods do you recommend to understand and self study price action trading. Ive gone through the babypips school but want a deeper understanding of price action trading before I start trading.

Thanks ahead

Sammy welcome to I will look to see if there is something helpful on my computer.

Ok I got something to help you get started on your journey.

Good luck

Peaks_and_Troughs_Pring.pdf (181 KB)

Hidden Divergence.pdf (245 KB)

chart formations.pdf (55.2 KB)

Pin bars-introduction.pdf (175 KB)

Pin bars-advanced.pdf (113 KB)

okay here’s some more.

A lot of this material is from James16. His style of trading is strictly price action. There is plenty of free stuff on the internet and I’m sure there is plenty of price action threads on babypips.

PriceActionSetups.pdf (42.5 KB)

Poster.pdf (1.32 MB)

thanks johnnykanoo I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Search for “Price Action Hero” thread by Mastergunner99 in this forum.

thnks for the materials.

you guys are welcome, now put it to good use :smiley:

Great thread, thanks guys!

great stuff… thumbs up

thanks dude for u material and help… Keep Going

Luvly stuff. thanks a million

You can also try 2ndskiesforex price action materials by Chris Capre for free. I am still learning and experienced the results already.