Price Action Trading Tool

I Trade using price action , based on swing structure breakout by analyzing two timeframe.
Bu my biggest issue was that I was unable to enter at the right time. Even if my trading method was correct, by the time i look at the chart, the entry price has already gone. Thus I am forced to miss my trade. When I try to revenge trade on the similar currency pairs which have yet to move, I get my stop loss hit as that currency pair is made of both weak currency and the only reason It did not move because it was poorly corelated with the moving pairs.

I do not know how many of you face similar situation, but if you do face situation like me, you could try this price action trading tool name Multipair Analyzer.

After using this multipair analyzer, It help me not to miss any trade. It scans all the trading pairs desire to trade for swing structure break and alerts me at the right moment so I could take the final look at the charts at the right time and take the trade if possible. Best part is , it also calculate the probability percent of the market movement, so that i can avoid week currency pairs which may move sideways.
The logic used by this tool is as image below.

As this section of the forum is posting about tools that has changed your life, I am positive sharing this will definitely help price action traders who trade manually.

Video related to this tool.