Price action trading

Hi phil,since you are the only person giving me answers,let me ask you please elaborate the idea of price action trading?:d
the thing is i want to do forex trading and want to become as good as you guys are.
It will take some time and energy.let me put another question,is trading your day to day job or just a hobby?.honestly how many of you guys the pros have reach 500k limit?.:slight_smile:

Trading is my full-time job, but I haven’t reached the 500k mark yet! I haven’t even reached close to 100K… :slight_smile:

If you want to learn price action trading look at this thread and read the .pdf file on the first post…

i trade price action and never been so profitable!!! I’m making constantly around 500-1000 pips monthly on daily chart.

start trading price action and candlestick patterns and forget about indicators.
i didn’t reached 500k or 100k too but i double my initial deposit some times for the moment and i’m fully satisfied :slight_smile:

good luck to you