Price direction: Toward OB or stops?

Question 1:
Hello, so my question is, at stage (3), why, if market makers are seeking liquidity, why did the market went down toward (4), instead of going up above (1) to run stops?

Question 2:
At (4), they run stops from (2), but we could have used the bear candle in (2) just before the expansion, and that would be an OB. In that case (4) went below the OB.

So how do we know if the market is going to reach for the OB or for the liquidity running stops? I mean, in (1) there are stops above, so the market could have gone higher in (3) to run these stops instead of just reaching for the OB and reverse.

I’m a little confused.

Why do you think the EUR/USD exchange rate is driven by market makers, and this is to obtain liquidity by running stops?

Cause this is what he is saying in his course.

Question 1: There was a big lq void. Seeing a bearish ob formed when this void was filled should have given you bearish indication.

Question 2: Price is pretty much balanced out. Now here it is difficult to say it WILL go for the ssl below the low. That is why you do not catch the whole move. You wait and see what price does. What is important here? Price took out the sell stops below number 2 and rejected!

You can not know everything every time, hence there are times when you wait for more information.

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Who says this? Why does he think this is true?

Also, why do you believe him?

Seeing as you are busy on the higher timeframe ( great start ), try to find out what I had in mind to buy here. If you watch the higher timeframes, you will understand :wink:

On the Monthly and Weekly we’re on a bullish trend. It’s going toward some liquidity.

From the daily chart 18 Nov, i saw what seems like an OB (1). Could be just an area with liquidity on top.

(2): Turtle Soup

(3) Return to the OB and consolidation

(4) Consolidation - Asian session with sell stops below it

(5) Turtle Soup, we’re at the OTE, good place to buy. Exit maybe above the liquidity at (3)

Pretty much yes, but the buy I did was in Ny. Before Ny opened, the ssl below London was also grabbed. Price afterwards broke structure -> moving towards W1 level.

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