Print forex charts with indicators, where?

I wonder if anybody knows where i can find daily forex charts for a currency pair with different indicators for example MACD to print and study?


I set the charts up in my trading platform
then press “print screen” & go to "paint"
then mess around with them.

Print etc.

By print you mean, you want to print in a piece of paper?
Or you want to paste the chart in a Paint as daydreamer mentioned?

If you want to print in a piece of Paper, MT4 supports that.
You can visit forex trading, forex trading education, forex brokerage, forex mini account, online forex trading, managed forex trading, best forex broker download demo of there MT4 platform. And in the charts, right click on the selected charts, put all the indicators first. and there you will see Print Preview and Print option.

Hope that helped. take care.

daydreamer65: That would take too much time

yep, i want to print it to a paper.
I can’t find the program on their site, do i need to register?
I use as a broker, but i can’t seem to find any print buttom there, does have that function?

Thanks for the reply

There is an easier way to do that.

Just open your chart as you want to print it, then press CTRL + PRT SCR
(the prt scr button is usually above the Insert button)

Then open Paint or Microsoft Word and press CTRL + V, this will copy the screenshot of the chart into word or paint. From there you can just print it out :slight_smile:

Here is an example in Word…

go here

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Register for the demo account
And you will get a link for the Platform and download it, and do as i told. I am sure you will find it easy.

Best of luck

Just looked at my MT4 trading platform & there is
a “print” feature, just one problem it is in black & white.

Whether it can be changed I never did find out, because it
took me less time to “print screen” & mess about in “paint”

Plus I felt the quality was better. :slight_smile:

I tried Mt4 and i followed that steps and it worked but the only problem is that it’s not colored.

Anyhow i will copy them manually, you get the best result, but ofcourse it’s alot easier to use Mt4.

Thanks for the fast replies

For best results a little bit of extra work never hurt anyone. :wink:

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

to print color charts in MT4 go to “Tools” then “Options” and click the “Color Print” box… you should be able to get color prints after that.

thanks i will try that

to print color charts in MT4 go to “Tools” then “Options” and click the “Color Print” box… you should be able to get color prints after that.

Yes thanks rwcjunglist I knew there had to be somewhere
on MT4 to get a color chart. At first I only downloaded MT4
for confirmation of price.

I am only now using it more for TA, price action etc, & printing
in color really helps. :wink: