Problems attaching EA to Chart MT4

Hi all
I just downloaded an EA for alarms.
I’ve put it in metatrader\experts and it’s shows in my mt4 under expert advisors after reboot.
The problem is that when i try to attach it to a chart nothing happends.
Anyone have any idea why it won’t work?

Normally their would come a pop up, but nothing.

Sorry for my bad English…

Regards Rasmus

Could be a number of things but a good start would be the following :-

[ul]Load the EA onto a chart[/ul]
[ul]Click the “Expert” tab on the bottom of the terminal[/ul]
It should say something like
2010.03.04 19:49:32 Alarm_EA GBPUSD_fx,H4: initialized
If the problem is not immediately obvious from the text, then post whatever it says here for further debugging[/ul]

could be that there is a compile error… that would result in a nothing happening situation…

You can try to compile it in metaeditor.

check the journal for messages and post them in here


That was one of the things that crossed my mind, along with the fact that it could also be an indicator rather than an EA.

BTW he should check the expert tab, rather than the journal:)