Profit Factor indicator-Best scalping indicator gives buy and sell signals

Profit Factor indicator
Best scalping indicator gives buy and sell signals

Profit factor indicator is a free indicator based on [B]Moving average lines which generate arrows for buy and sell signals.

You can use it to expect the future trend or scalp on high time frames.

Scalp on 1h and 4h time frames buy sitting a take profits limit after 10 or 15 pips.

Don’t trade after high movements or during important news

How to filter your trades ?
That is the most important point , ranging market is always hard to trade on. So , drawing a trend line will be the perfect solution for this.


The pdf cover

[/B][B]Download the indicator and a small pdf user’s manual :

[/B][B]Download ProfitFactor indicator

[/B]I will post charts for live chances every while.

curious to the examples and how to read them. I ran a quick test on 1hr, 4hr and daily charts. I see as many profitable setups as there are false positives on each timeframe. And the profitable ones do not nescesarily are timed correctly.

Is this indicator a repainting indicator?

Here is another example for trading with Profit Factor indicator. The trend lines are very important to filter your trades. Also can give you strong signals if the price is in a narrow triangle as you see in the picture above.

To exit from such these trades and close with good profits , you can close from a signal from the indicator on the lower time frame ( M30 ) or you can wite a red arrow on the same time frame ( H1 ).
Hedging is very interesting with Profit indicator , because it provides many signals every short time. But we must say that Hedging is dangerous in general and needs professional forex traders also not all Forex Brokers accept Hedging for some reasons , Anyway Money Management is very very important , please read well about it. I’m sure that you can find good books about it on this forum.
Also you can use a trailing stop loss to catch more pips as you can. But you must know well how to use it right to avoid losing the pips which you already gained.

Good luck for everyone here ,[/U]

No it doesn’t.