Profit Manager - good free tool for profit/loss control. (updated)


I want to share good tool for profit/loss management. (updated).
It works good, you set targets in profit / loss. Also, you can set
exact magics to manage or all open trades (all magics)

EliteProfitManager.ex4 (85.7 KB) EliteProfitManager.pdf (674.0 KB)

Ooooh. :open_mouth: I’m always so cautious when it comes to downloading free stuff. :sweat_smile: Would you be creating a journal on how to use this? :blush:


don’t worry, I’m using it by my own + there is a pdf guide (both files attached).
Really easy to manage it - simple fill the targets in loss/profit - that’s it. It help
when you do active trading - easy to control all trades by final result + nice on
high TF, wjen you away from PC and expect exact proifit or allow exact loss on
your trades.

I’d say, that this tool is aimed to see final result from all trades, not count win/loss
tardes - just real profit or loss :slight_smile: Helpful to me.