Profitable EA, need advice!

Hello everyone, :slight_smile:

I’m new at this forum, but I has been trading for more than 3 years right now. Sorry if my english is not too fluent. I’m here to ask for advice because I have a profitable EA and I want to know if something is slipping away from me. I would be very grateful if I can get your help.

I’m not here to told what is the strategy because I don’t want to sell it or get investors, only for advice.
What I can say, is that the EA doesn’t use external indicators, only price action. Is very reliable and is not going to change much over the years.

I started with the idea trading in a simulator and then I hire a programmer to automate it. I’m using 99% quality data. I have tested it with variable and fixed spread and it works very well with both. Of course if the spread is lower, it works better. Considering commissions and swaps it remains profitable. It uses a very low risk per trade, that’s why too much trades. The EA is 94,6% profitable.

These images are from a 2 years test, I started with $5,000 USD and turned them into $480.000 (without comissions), considering comissions is aproximatly the half, around $250.000. I have tested it with 5 years data at least and is the same profit year after year, with almost no Drawdown (less than 10% in almost all simulations). I don’t share the images of 5 years because I don’t have them right now. I know I have to test in 10 years or more but I didn’t think is going to change too much the profit per year. I have tested it with different data from Dukascopy, TrueFX, MT4 and other brokers, the first two only with 99% quality.

Right now I’m testing on demo account and is working properly.

Anything that you could contribute will be welcomed, thanks you!

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If it Sounds Too Good to Be True, it Probably Is.

I would be more than happy to test it and see if can be profitably on another broker. Scalping EA’s can be very broker sensitive.

Yes, that is correct, sounds too good to be true, I know! That’s why I’m asking for advice. Unfortunately I can’t share it.

It can still working good with 0.8 spread average. It supports peaks of spread of aproximatly 35 pips max. I have been testing it for more than a month now.

Looks nice, Did you test it on tick data? The strategy has a lot of trades and expected payoff is not high. Broker specific parameters may influence results significantly.

Yes, with Tick data suite. Approximately 100 trades average per day. That’s why is going to work with only the brokers that has 0.8 average spread or less. It can do more or less if I want, if I do more the profits are more but the drawdown increase too.

whn i take a buy order with code ordersend on mql terminal…the order opens above the ask everytime,bt whn it comes to sell…its perfect…hw do i correct the code in order to open a buy order at exact point …

I am not sure about the EA. But if you have doubts about it, I don’t think there is any point in using it and risking your money.

hello so far the most profitable expert advisor is the Jum + StoCh + v2.3F. but you must follow the rules to the fullest and it will give you 10% to 20% per month … FBS-Real-9
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I won’t suggest using any of the already available EA in the market. Instead, talk to a coder who can build an EA for you on the basis of your own trading requirements. I am sure that a customised EA ill work far better than the one that you pick up from the market.

If you think it will work for you, test it on your demo account before going live with it.

If Ea can make 20 to 30% profit, then u can make sure it is really good EA, but ea must need to SL & TP. Backtest result may very different from real account/live trading. after loss some trade if ea recovery nicely then ur system is reliable, Also u need to set up ea properly. Then EA may provide good profit.

Hello as a developer, below are the steps you should follow when buying or choosing an ea.

  1. Backtesting result with a Modelling Quality of 99.9%.
  2. Backtest duration of one-year starting from present date.
  3. Mismatched Chart Errors should be 0.
  4. Check the spread of the backtesting result. If it was able to survive in a higher spread it is better. (ex. EURUSD as per my broker it has a 12 points spread, so in backtest you should ask for a spread higher than 12, maybe 15).
  5. If you are satisfied in the result of the backtest. You can start forward testing in Demo Accounts.
  6. Forward test the ea atleast one month. It is best to start one week before the NFP!. Stress test the ea during high volatility weeks in the market.

I hope this helps you my friend.