Profitable EA

Hello fellow traders!

I am thinking of buying some good expert advisor that would be useful for real trading. I am not searching for a holy grail, just some serious trading system…

I was searching through Metatrader market and this one looks promising: Document Moved

Any experience? I´d appreciate any feedback about trading with EAs. Thanks!

Definitely you are not looking for the holy grail, you are looking for automated trading system which is going to make you money 24/7. Unfortunately such thing doesn’t exists, so I’ll recommend it to you to start working on your own trading strategy if you really want to become a trader.

I don’t see any difference between holy grail and automated trading system which is making money 24/7 (shouldn’t it be 24/5 btw? :-))

Well we’ll see. I finally gave a chance to the Price Action System mentioned in the first post. It’s a semi-automatic expert advisor with a possibility to turn it on as fully automated EA. However exactly as you the trader doesn’t recommend to trade it as fully automated EA at all. The trader is trying to assist and mentor me quite actively and I am starting to trade on live account so we’ll see how it will go…


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I get information about FX Winner Expert Advisor (EA) from my friends and I think this EA will be the best
This is my screenshot:

You can check it out using the given username, password, and server bellow:
Username: 6453987
Password: scrd5jf

Check on the website at: w w w. 4xwinner .com

Best trading systems are free. I use DMT.

FX Winner looks good. Too good. Why does a perfect ea like that need a whole website of aggressive marketing talk? It would be much more professional-like if there is just hard facts and no advertising speech.
I think the ea uses some betting strategy to hide the risks…

4xwinner smells like ECN fx robot. And that site is offline. Smells like they want to keep selling the scam under a different name.

I use Range Sniper. It is free and I have been getting solid profits from it for over a year now. I doubled my account in just over a month, and withdrew what I made so I was trading with money i didn’t have. So far I am at $1378 from a $100 account.

Definitely not as much as the site says, but $1378 for no work is good enough for me :). You wont get the holy grail with EA’s. But they can still make you some decent money. Just watch out for the scams.