Profitable strategy using 50ema with a free indicator called sweet spot

I have been backtesting this strategy and is very promising. Check out the link.

Here’s the link for the free indicator or just google it. It’s free.

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Please how do I get the setup settings.

another Nigerian rocket scientist with a PhD in I know it all, that’s a simple round number indicator, lines are every 25 pips, nothing to do with support and resistance, most forums frown on posting this type of borderline commercial material


I used an indicator called sweet spot and 50 ema. Timeframe is 1hr. It’s free you can google it. Just google sweet spot indicator.

I have brought these matters up before - apparently this sort of scammy commercial material flies under moderators radar at weekends.
Just flag it.

Nothing is being sold here. I was just sharing a profitable system. It uses a 50 ema and a Sweetspot ,which is a free indicator available everywhere.

let’s see some results, here is an example

Thanks for sharing, will try it out.

Well, I am not sure about this indicator. I am learning about it for the first time. I am generally happy trading with Relative Strength Index & MACD. These work great with my trading plan.