Profitable trading indicator

This indicator is looking great. It is very flexible and can be used to trade any currency pair. This indicator allows you to set your stop loss and take profit levels, which will keep the risk to reward ratio. You will always be a winner in the long term while using this trading indicator.
strongly recommended-

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What are the principles that this indicator uses, what sort of data does it generate signals from?

This indicator is* a technical analysis tool that aims to measure the demand for an underlying asset and assess the directional bias of the market.

I think the question is more what is it using to determine the signals. It looks good on the picture, but without knowing how it works, it might be risky to use it.

Do you have an MT5 version?


I have only Mt4 version.
I advise all traders that please do a test in the demo account before using it in the real account. Because everyone has their own ways of thinking and working.

Would you provide the MQL file and I’ll convert it to MT5, or is that not something you’re willing to do?

You might be selling a fantastic car. But you’re not saying what fuel it runs on. Or how many miles to the gallon, or how big the engine is, or how many seats. Or how many wheels.
Bon voyage.

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It is free to download, I m not selling it ??

No, I know its free. I mean selling not in the literal sense, I mean you are recommending it. In the allusionary sense you could still be represented by the car salesman I refer to.