Program Coding or Indicator question!

I rarely ask questions these days but I have one which research does not give me the answer.

[B]This question is for people who have computer programming experience.[/B]


I am having considerable success writing indicators in the Chart Studio section of Dealbook.
My success comes as a mathematician - that is a great advantage. :slight_smile:

Now when entering an indicator in Dealbook, there is a provision to put your indicator on the main chart or a sub-chart on its own.
This is done with a box with a tick in it.
Removal of the tick gets your indicator to appear on the main chart.
Keep the tick and your indicator appears in a sub-chart.

[B]So far so good! [/B]

Now when you choose an indicator such as the Bollinger bands, the tick in the box [U]automatically disappears.[/U]
The Bollinger bands then, appear as they should - [U]on the main chart[/U].

I like this automatic tick disappearing function!!

[B]So far so good![/B]

[B][U]The question!![/U][/B]

I write my own indicator and choose it to enter, but the tick in the box stays put and does not disappear.
I would like to make it disappear - just like the Bollinger bands tick.

So I study the programming code of all the default indicators - and there is nothing secret in them that directs them to keep the tick in the box, or make it disappear.

[U]So what could it be??..[/U] :confused:

that some default indicators such as the Bollinger bands make the tick in the box disappear, while other default indicators keep the tick??

[B]Now who can answer my question? [/B] :slight_smile:

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.