Programmer looking for EA pal/s to team in London

Hi guys, I’m a .Net programmer, and I started playing with forex as a hobby months ago and now I’m doing EA programming. I have to say I’m quite newbie and I don’t have any EA running in a live account yet, I’m polishing and backtesting some strategies.

The thing is that two brains work better than one, and three brains can work better than two! So I’m looking for people who are keen on automated trading to create an small team to search for, test and launch strategies, and to discuss analysis (technical and fundamental), errors and good practices. And in London, so that we can meet from time to time even to have a drink and talk about plans.

I tried Meetup to find people but they rejected my application, I think I broke some rule saying that most of the time we’ll talk by skype instead of “meeting physically” lol (at least they gave back my money).

Succeeding in forex is a long way that takes effort and dedication. If anyone is interested just let me know. Just few requirements:
[li]Know the basics of forex trading (orders, candles, trends…)
[/li][li]At least to be a bit familiar with metatrader 4, as that is the platform we’ll use for the moment.
[/li][li]Obviously collaborative :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from that nothing else, we’ll learn the ropes together :smiley:

PD: I’m not selling tuition or courses and I’m not interested in paid tuition from others.

I’ve been thinking a bit about my initial post, in fact I edited the title. Not all the people in this EA & Automated Trading subforum are programers, but there are people with creative minds and very hard working.

I didn’t want to leave the door open just for programmers. In fact I’m looking for people in London that has an interest in EA trading and has anything to offer to the team: programming, backtesting, experience, ideas…

So guys (or girls), give me a shout if interested :smiley: