Project 84 Wins 7 awards - 12 Men kill themselves today in uk!

Male suicide is NOTHING to do with “Mental Health” - We KNOW why men are killing themselves !

Apparently the title of teh thread is now superceded - no longer do 84 men commit suicide every week in the UK !

It’s now 93 male suicides every week in the uk alone !

male suicide 2018 telegraph
Rest in Peace Lads :sob:

"This is what our society has come to :-

Women laughing at men’s supposed irrelevance and men’s struggles" (Janice F towards the end)

Hannah Rosin gets the Flying Pootah Award !

Surely it has to be time to educate these women in the ways of reality ?

Otherwise, - what ???

Anti-Feminism is More Popular than Feminism

You Tube attacked for allowing men to have a say !

This apparently is a far more acceptable type of deciding who exactly has the right to “Have a say”

Ir is a commentary on anAustarlian TV programme which brings up more questions than it answers - Except perhaps it might go some way to Answering the the question as to ing WHY the statistic quoted in post #1 is true and rising under present day Law !

Happy International Mens day

"It’s time to say - NO ! "

Here we go again !


(Apparently she is pretty(ish), dressed in virginal white - and cries in court !)

So let her victim be scarred for life - and forced to move away from his home because he is afraid of her - and lose his job !

Is it any wonder then that she can walk free ? - After all the person she abused was a white male - so not worthy of any consideration - no problem at all - RIGHT ?

Why is it that so many more men than women commit suicide ?

“…When the Terrors of life exceed the terrors of death - then there is no point in struggling on …”

Hear some of the reasons why this thread is so so neccessary and more to the point - why people are frightened to participate in it ! (Martin Daubney - refers to the attitude of the politicians “there will be resistance” )

Lets see what the …"unknown… ID POLITICS " group have to say about this :roll_eyes:

Clearly I can name names and provide links, but in the interest of …Love, harmony and peace :smiley:

I will leave that to a later time - but you know who you are - come and discuss :sweat_smile:

Bettina arndt gets award for her work on better treatment for men

The marxist feminists trolls threatening and abusing her for that same work and her award

“…Starting Petition to have her stripped of her award - to silence anyone who challenges their narrative…”

“…Students don’t really bother me - they don’t even know why they’re protesting - half the time …”

The Manosphere is a response to injustice

There do seem to be some signs that men and older boys are beginning to see the Red Pill perspective and start to reject the feminist agenda - sadly even women themselves !

Do your own research lads ! - Goddam you need to know that you are in danger !

The Suicide of Caroline Flack - Regarding Men Episode 54

I’m sure that none of us are happy to hear of suicide of anyone - but the wholly different ways suicide is treated according to the sex of the person committing it needs to be put right.

There does seem to be an incredibly radical suggestion in this talk that people (including men !!! ) should be treated as "Innocent until proven Guilty " !!! :hushed:

Its an inherent element of media coverage that different editorial decisions will be made partly on the basis of the “type” of person involved. Stories concerning celebrities who are young, blonde, female, successful, attractive and high-profile will always be likely to get more attention.

I understand Caroline’s sad suicide is down to bullying and harassment on social media. I’ve no idea what was said but at the very least, the users responsible should be banned by the firms providing the platforms, and the firms boycotted if they don’t do this.

Yes mate - the old excuses still pervade - but I suggest you watch the video - the main issue is that “alleged perpetrators” are treated difeerently and that they shoudn’t be !

What do you think the essential difference is between her and That “Epstein fella” in this respect ? and taking on board your point as well - should movements and contributors to that “Me Too” situation be slenced as well ? Especially since NO proof or evidence is required - just a “denouncement” of ANY man by ANY woman ! - no checking, no scrutiny - lives destroyed many through malicious motives.!

Warren Farrell wrote a wee book (a damn GOOD Book) and there were some who seemed to be incensed that he could have such an EVIL personality !

I suppose when you’ve spent 3 years and $200,000 getting your head stuffed full of postmodernist garbage like “Gender Studies” - you actually have a right to be angry with someone ! :rofl::rofl:

Note the obligatory attendant "Squids" ! (Douglas Murray - “Madness of Crowds”)
Oddly I can’t find the actual book which I bought off amazon - but here’s a kindle version !