Hi Everyone,

I’m profitable trader, however don’t have so much equity, So I decided to get funded by prop firms like FTMO, or MyForexFunds…
But, lately I’ve heard that on march new company called “FundedNext” was established…
I’ve gathered some information about their programs, and it turned out good deal if we compare to FTMO or any other prop firms,

But as they’ve been just established recently, I can’t find literally anyone who passed their challenge or have real reviews on them,

Would really appreciate your reviews on that Prop firm,

Thanks in advance


Just be aware that only 1 from 200 passes their challenges.

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You should try out Fundednext, I am trading with them for three months now. Will be sharing some amazing experience soon. But apart from their news rules and the demo phase consistency, I had the best prop experience with fundednext.

So true. i have had three of my friends dropped out of them… but consistency adn strictly maintaining rules are the key that i know.

How is it that you are with a prop firm for all of 3 months and cant show us apprentices what sort of results you have been having? By now you must have passed their challenges or you have failed.

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I signed up with the 50k Ev account. and failed once. :expressionless:
I lost at their dd and immidiately reset my account. yes I have got the real account now and got my first payout two weeks ago. As I said, their news rules are pretty rocky for a scalper like me but, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I fear if there is any profit in prop firm fund trading. All I can see is people losing their money in their competitions.