Prop firms and trading

Do you have evidence?

From the latest news, I only see a bunch of problems with almost all (if not all) prop firms in the US market.

Yes. It’s on their website. They stress prominently how well regulated they are, but they don’t tell you anywhere that Axi Select accounts are held offshore by a separate company and NOT regulated that way.

Only if you ask directly, then they tell you.

In other words, they try to deceive you.

Typical Axi

I also see that, re all the CFD ones (but the US market is only about 6% of their turnover anyway).

I see exactly the opposite with all the futures ones, and I think we all welcome that.

Oanda is the same. From their website.

OANDA Labs Assessment Limited Company Registration Number: C 106331, 171, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT 1455, Malta

Dose it help that it’s Oanda? I think so. They’d get a ton of negative publicity for their regulated brand if they scammed folks here, don’t you think?

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Not at all the same!

One is EU-regulated in Malta and the other - a firm with a long history of “disappointed customers” to put it mildly - is all-but-unregulated (i.e. only by a famously fake regulator!).

Honestly, chalk and cheese. :slight_smile:

Yes - totally agree. :wink:

I’m not sure where you are getting this information from? Axi clearly state that Axi Select is only available to SVG members. From the Axi Select website:

Terms of service which can be found on their website:

With regard to Axi Select being next in the firing line, they are the only firm as far as I know that offer live trading accounts in the prop space and also do not service US clients, so they imo, seem the safest in the prop space right now.

Sorry I meant that the “Oanda Labs” is not regulated, so same as Axi Select using offshore “regulators”.

I was exciting to maybe try the funded account, but I’m not a fan of trading offshore. So I’ll look elsewhere when I get to that point.

Darwinex Zero is my new favorite prop firm right now