Protect wood floors from dog

We know you love your dog - but you also love the condition of your hardwood floors. So that your dog does not damage your wooden floor, we have compiled the following steps to protect your floor from dog-related accidents.

Criss-cross scratches and scrapes across your hardwood floors never look great and is a major treat for dog owners who have hardwood floors. Minimize the chance of scratching by regularly trimming the tips of your dog’s nails, which will certainly preserve the quality of your hardwood floors. Also consider dog nail hats, which are available at pet stores and can be fitted by you, or your vet.

Ensuring that your floors are kept in their best condition through regular maintenance, is a highly recommended strategy. Keep your floors in top condition by buffing and re-coating as a solid preventive measure.

Give your dog plenty of outdoor exercise. It will become a rambal and will want to stretch its legs at some point, and if your dog spends any time indoors, your dog will run, slide and make sharp turns on wooden floors and this is a sure way to get your hardwood floors scratched.

Trimming the dog’s nails is also a healthy practice for the dog as well.

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