Psychology.maintain your best form for Trading

5 things to maintain your best form for Trading

  • 1 get enough sleep
  • [2. Stay active by exercising daily
  • [3. Eat well
  • [4. Don’t stop learning, educate yourself
  • [5. Stay inspired

Great advice, I think sleep is one of the easiest things to sacrifice in favour of being in front of the charts.

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Why everyone needs to read Trading In The Zone, by Mark Douglas.

Easily top 10 trading/finance books ever written, and I have read hundreds.


do you still have a copy

according to me , i think one important thing you missed which is meditation , if you dont do meditation there is no chance to remain cool mind for all time., its my personal opinion , please dont take it anyone personally. thank you

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yes there is no way to stop learning even though you have good knowledge and experience , if you stop learning the result of your trading can be useless.

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Avoid talking with negative people / pessimists.

Demand more fun and rewards from your non-trading / non-working hours.

Make a start on every project you put on your to-do list as soon as you put it there. Then throw the to-do list away and deal with your time management properly.

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Trading can be really draining for many traders, both mentally and physically because you will have to sit in front of your system for long hours to find ways of making money. It is your responsibility to ensure that you take care of yourself so that you can handle the results of your trades; whether they are positive or negative.

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Forex trading has got to do a lot with how you feel when doing it and what you expect to achieve from it. If you have a clear mindset, your trading journey becomes easier and smoother. If everything goes in accordance with the trading plan, there is nothing that can stop you from making the kind of profits you want to.

    This is absolutely true. All these points apply to any task we do in life. But for trading, I feel some extra efforts need to be done like always be aware about the news in the market and be spontaneous enough to make any changes in the trading strategy, how and when required.