Pure alpha quantitative forex signals (free)

MVP here.
I am grateful to be here in an effort to offer inspiration and guidance in trading the non-conventional way i.e. technicals and fundamentals. I will be using our unique quantitative trading approach to share live signals for all for free here for only 6 months. I won’t say much but the most important for me now is just to demonstrate the efficacy of quantitative trading models over technicals, fundamentals, and sentimentals. The strategy is a momentum-based one that seeks to ensure the best entries and take profits and stop-loss targets.
Follow this thread and your time won’t be wasted. All trades will be live and updated accordingly. I trade all most currencies and will recommend you get a broker that offers most of the forex assets subclasses to benefit most from our signals. I also trade commodities, energy, and indices on the side.
GOOD LUCK and let get to work.


SL: 74.76 TP: 75.690

Cumulative sellers: 10
Quantitative Reversal Power: 9250
This is a quantitative trading approach and these numbers were quantified to a buy in our momentum-reversal quant model.

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GBPNOK SOLD @ 12.7015
SL: 13.0684 TP: 11.9904

Our trading approach is solely based on a quantitative trading approach. We use a combination of momentum and reversal as part of the general strategy in quantitative finance to predict the net sellers and buyers in particular assets we trading. We are taking a sell on the H4 time frame as it has an accumulation of 5 net buyers with a quantitative power reversal commutative value of exactly 925.
It is, however, difficult to illustrate this on this platform as it is restricted to technical tools.

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1:1 RR traders, take profit at 42 pips.
1:2 RR traders move stop loss to entry on a positive balance at a price of 75.08

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Are you planning to automatize your signals?

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For illustrative purpose we are semi-automating but on the actual fund am trading yes its automated.
Thanks for the input

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tp hit: 63 pips +2%

Do you offer a myfxbook.com account to take a look at your performance?

Well trading for a fund for that reason I am restricted to show performance. But yes on the account side am up by 32% YTD with an absolute DD of 1.05%. Sorry I cant share my stat… just here to help for those who might be interested in trading forex quantitatively.