Pure Price Action (new trader) Questions

  1. I am new still and say we are in a uptrend and the previous HH gets broken. This will now confirm the LL. But how do we confirm the HH? Nobody has explained this before and don’t they look to confirm this?

  2. When looking at the charts how do we look and say this is an external structure swing and this is an internal structure swing without guessing? I always get confused which is which and haven’t found anyone who teaches how to identify it.

I am trading pure price action and I think you are overcomplicating things. IMO the need for confirmation will keep you out of the trades with the best probability to become a winner.

It is always just guessing. You will only be able to call out an “internal or external structure swing” in hindsight. Great for educators but not for you.

Forget all this nonsense and find a consistent way for you to enter near the low in uptrends. Practice how to cut your losers quick and how to manage your winners.

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I don’t think there is a real need to confirm the HH.
When the last high was broken, we’re in a new range with a strong HL and a weak HH. All we want to see is that the HL hold as well and does its job in taking out the weak HH. If you really want it, then the HH is probably confirmed when it is broken as well. Because then you can look back on the range and say this was the highest point.

If you mark out the structure on one timeframe, let’s say an uptrend with HH and HL, then any smaller “highs” and “lows” within the range from one HL to the next HH would be internal structure.

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Nice to see a post from you again! Hope you are well and still on track.

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Hi, that I am. Still putting in chart time and continuing the process! Hope you are doing fine as well :slight_smile: