Pure price action trading setups


Hi Guys,

Since we have lot of Price Action thread, I decided to start a thread of Price Action Trading Setups for us. We will apply what we learned from here.

I stumbled in this thrilling world last year January. After 1 years of demo I jumped to Live trading. Within three months I lost 60% of my account. I read lot of books which are available in net as pdf. Even day and night I thought about strategies, making millions in a year, girls, big home and car etc. You might have these types of dreams. May be some of you have this right now.

My all losses occurred when I use all of those indicators like Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic Sar, RSI and Trendlines. All of them not worked for me. (it will work but some certain conditions).

I remember that after these looses I found Nikita’s http://forums.babypips.com/newbie-island/39634-pure-price-action-dummies.html thread. (I’m not sure whether I missed the thread before my losses or I just didn’t noticed). Any way I can remember I didn’t loss much after applying that strategy.

Okey with that being said, the core purpose of the thread is find high probability trading setups and trade them. Remember, it’s not created for providing signal. Only for learning purpose. You can trade them if you are damn sure with the setups. All responsibilities up to you.

The system already available in thousands of threads, forums and books. I’m not an experienced trader to teach anyone. By the way everyone can learn something from this thread on the way.

The Trading Plan (or System?):

  1. Trading Based on Daily chart only. For trend direction we can use monthly or weekly.

  2. Use New York Closed Chart with 5 candle per week.

  3. Trade entry based on Pin bar or Inside bar with support and resistance only.

  4. Chart should be a Naked chart. With white or black back ground. Remove the dotted grid lines. I prefer white candle for bull and black candle for bear.

Don’t do this… (for understanding easily to everyone)

  1. Do not post chart lower than daily.

  2. Do not complicate charts with many indicator, trendlines and support & resistance lines.

  3. Please make sure that never post a chart which include more than three lines on them.

  4. Please do not post charts with the terms like head and shoulder & 123 patterns etc. otherwise Pin bar or Inside bar on daily or weekly chart.

How we use this thread…

  1. I will post charts every morning if there are any high probable trading setups. It’s best if I can post just after closing the New York session. I hope somebody do it if they are interested.

  2. We are not much concerned about fundamentals and news.

  3. It’s clear that this system not provide trading setups every day. Two or three trades per week some times more. But there is a exception when we use Nikita’s Commy system. We can try on the go.

  4. I think all pairs are tradable. So I will post Currencies, Commodities and Indices.

  5. Always remember your Money management when you trade.

Here is a chart of EUR/JPY that showing a support and resistance area. Just for Illustration.

Green candle is support and Rose is near term support and Black is Resistance.

I know, Here there are some experienced Price Action Traders. I learned from them. Like Simon Templor, Bobmaninc, Yunny, recently HoG who send me some materials. And ofcourse Nikita. Sorry If I forget to mention any name. I wish they will do some inputs to correct us from the mistakes. :slight_smile:

I invite all of you to participate in this thread.

If god wish, I will post charts from next week. (remember I usually don’t trade Monday, so no charts on Mondays. Sometimes, some weeks we couldn’t get any setups. So no trade for a week. There is no need for eagerness to trade and post chart. Patiently wait for something to happen on the chart. We can make millions but slowly…. Patiently…) :smiley:

Okey guys, I’m done for today…. C U next week.

PS: I’m really sorry for my bad English. Actually I learned some good English words from this forum. Don’t laugh at me. :slight_smile: My Mother tongue is another.

Happy Pipping… :slight_smile:

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Nice to see you have your own thread. Good luck bro.

Good luck Salimvp!

I’ll be around. :slight_smile:

Congratulation for the new thread, it will be great to see the chart and more explanation from the professionals. Don’t worry about the English it’s more than fine.

Hi Salim,

Should be an interesting thread, I’ll certainly be around.


Thank you guys for your support. I think I could make weekly Price Action Commentary of some pairs on the weekend.

Happy Pipping.


Your english is pretty much perfect, If your trading is half as good as your language skills this should be a very good thread.

More of a lurker than a poster but have subscribed.

Weekly Price Action Analysis


This Pair moved higher from the Pin bar last Wednesday. We could see more bullish movement next week until next resistance 1.3130. Support is at 1.2800. But the pair need to break the 1.2990 level as it showing some resistance. Just zoom out the chart you can see price supported three times from the beginning of the year. It may turn as resistance.

So next week we can anticipate a move to down before breaking the 1.2990 resistance level or may be it break above the level when Monday open. If it move down then watch for price action to Buy. What we can do now is wait until Monday session close.


Like EUR/USD the pair moved higher from the pin bar (not a Ideal one) from the support 1.5910. Next resistnce is at 1.6160. Like EU this pair is also at a resistance area i.e 1.6030. We are remain bullish this pair until it show us a bearish signal at 1.6160.


Like EU and GU it moved higher from the support (1.0330) and now at a resistance level i.e 1.0460. The next resistance level is 1.0550 which is top of the range.


This pair clearly in a strong bullish market. Near term support at 81.80 and Long term at 80.50. Resistance at 83.30 and 84.00. So many traders short this pair at 81.80 and 82.50 because there was resistances. Shorting this pair at current level is danger. So we only short this pair if it show us a clear signal at resistance area as it turn as a Double Top. If it move down at 81.80 then look price action for Buy entry.


Like UJ support for the pair is 104.60 and near term resistance at 108.00.

Overall the market is Bullish. All JPY pairs have more room to move upside. Always look for buy when pairs move lower before hitting the resistance.

Happy Weekend…

PS: Can anyone tell me how can I post images here. I tried in photobucket but it shows here link only.


Great thread Salimvp.,
I’m trying to learn price action. Your weekly analysis seems very good. I hope you will post trades and updates here.
Any way I’m following this thread with great interest.

Wow just stumbled across this. Great thread I will certainly be following. Not sure how much I will add righ now I have not even really looked at a chart in a couple weeks and have no real intention on doing so. However only trading mainly the daily on one pair there is not really a whole lot of chart time required :). I will chime in though

I use tinypic.com, that gives code for message boards.

Hi guys! Just wanted to share this as I saw this pair while scanning through the charts! Would you short this pair if it forms a sell signal at the highlighted area? :slight_smile:

Hi kurtmackenzie,

Good question. We will short if there a Price action signal for shorting the pair between 1.6130 to 1.6160. But Since our system is a Price Action, We should wait to for candle formation in major areas. It’s too early to predict the area. Who know we can get a signal at this level? Sometimes it will shoot up beyond the level.

There is no need for predicting some levels. It drive us a wrong direction. We will trade what we see there what not we think.

Wait and see.

Happy pipping…


Thanks ST, I will try the site. I tried Photo Bucket to post charts but it show only links.


Hi Bob,

I’m glad to see you here. I know you are in a vacation mood. Enjoy it anyway.

I would like to see your analysis on especially for AUD/USD when there is a opportunity to trade it.


Sure. I will post trade ideas with charts and explanation.


I use photobucket. To get it to post a pic and not a link you have to find the share tab above the pic you are trying to post. Once you click on it you will find the link with [img] link [img]. There will be 2 to choose from one is the way I post the other will attach it as a thumbnail meaning it will be a small pic but you can click it to make it bigger. They will tell you which is which

Subscribed to the thread and will contribute. Where are you from in Dubai my friend? I spent a year there not so long ago.


You are welcome Aesthetic… I’m working near the Festival City. Winter season and lot of festivals gonna start within days. Come again… :slight_smile:


Today we have Pin Bars in all majors. Here are some charts and I picked GBP/USD and EUR/JPY to trade.


Yesterday the pair moved lower and it print as a Pin bar at New York session. The Pair Supports here 1.5975 area. So from here a move higher is due.

Entry at 50% of the Pin wick i.e 1.6000. stop will be 1.5955 and TP at 1.6125 initially.

Reward:Risk ratio. 2.75:1

(if this pair not to trigger my entry level then I will consider a break of the Pin bar nose.)


The pair is supported at 105.60 area and formed as a bullish pin bar. Entry at 105.90, Stop below the pin 105.20 TP at 107.60 initial and 109.00 ultimate.

Reward:risk ratio 2.4:1 Ultimate 4.4:1

(alternatively If it didn’t touch entry area, then entry at break of the pin)

Happy pipping…